Sunday, November 14, 2010


Tonight I ran about 2.5 miles after a 92 day hiatus. I felt like Forest. We ran 1.8 miles in 15 min. We completed 3 miles in 25 min. It was a great run! Rachael and Bill went with us. On the way back into town they slowed way down so we slowed down, too. I felt like we were going rather slow, but J had her gps device that told how far we were going. I wasn't supposed to go hard on the run so it was probably good to have them behind me keeping me in check. It felt great to be back!

As we were headed up the first hill I could feel some pull on my ankle but it wasn't awful. On our way back into town I could feel some achiness creeping into the heel. Not convinced I'm totally healed yet. I just may keep my appt next week. We'll see. I'll run again in a couple days and see how it all goes.

The past few weeks have been absolutely gorgeous! Friday the temps started to drop. OK, they started to plummet. I knew I was going to run no matter what, even if it was snowing or raining! At least it was just chilly and not wet tonight. Frost started forming on my headband, however. Temp was about 30, wind chill in the mid 20s. It was the coldest Rachael or Bill had ever run in so they were a little surprised how chilly they were.

Also, I have had a nasty cold so wasn't sure if I'd be able to run. I lost my voice and the head cold started settling into my chest. The cool air cleared out my lungs and I felt really good when I got home. Hope this continues!

I have been running in the pool a couple times a week for the past few weeks. I try to "run" a mile and swim 1/2 mile. My arms feel it every time I swim laps. My calves and glutes are really getting a workout with that, which is good. Yesterday my butt felt achy! eeks. My legs tonight felt strong and ready to run. I think those times in the water are really paying off for me. It has been good cross-training and I'd like to keep doing it. I'd also like to learn more about efficient swimming techniques. I think I can do the breast/side stroke much faster than the crawl stroke. Somehow that doesn't seem to make much sense.