Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look Ma' No Hands

The first mile and the last 1/2 mile I completed without holding on to the treadmill. I was off and on during the middle so I can say that I did at least half of the run solo. That's a big accomplishment for me.

I tried to brainstorm some different avenues to explore when I start running outside. While I would love to run to the lake and back, I don't like the idea of running along a busy highway. People really get stupid. I also know the reality of the transition from indoor to outdoor running will take a bit. Therefore, I thought about running a mile along the country roads, walking a mile, running, walking, etc. I also thought about running 15 min, walking a mile, run another 15, etc. Any other ideas? I really want to work up to 30 min easily and quickly once I start outside and to get on the marathon training program as soon as possible.

Last summer with the 5K I started "training" the Monday of the race. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and didn't totally die so I went and signed up for the Saturday race. Tues I started running outside. Oh boy! I went a block and was totally dead. That's when I thought I was really in over my head. I kept running each day. It wasn't until Sat that I actually completed the entire race. It was like 37 min to complete 3.1 miles. I will probably do this again this year, but have a goal of no walking and complete it in like 30 min. I figure I'm doing 6 mph now, which is a 10 min mile so that is a respectable goal.

Tonight's details: 545 calories; 170 fat calories; 30 min/3 mi run @ 6mph; 15 min/.5 mi walk @ 3mph.
I was really hurting. My biological issue has arisen again. I didn't run last night as I had one of the worst migranes in recent memory. Tonight I felt awful and didn't want to run - I really thought my guts would explode. I kept myself drugged all day hoping I could run tonight. I saw every 1/10 mile go by. Hindsight it was a good run, but I really wanted to stop at every 1/10 mile. Once the running part was over, and I started walking, my guts started churning again. All through the run I just kept thinking...this is my goal. In order accomplish my goal, I have to run at least 30 min. This means 3 miles. I am a very goal-oriented person so I just had to keep that goal in mind. If I let it slip, if even for a little, I will not finish the task. I know that. This physical issue is one goal I wanted to overcome by running so I just have to work through that. Keep the goal in sight, right?

Monday, December 28, 2009


This is technically a day of rest, but I checked out the website and put in a "normal" day. Here's what I found out about my diet:

Carbs 53%

Fat 28%

Protein 20%

Alcohol 0%

Total Calories 1492

Fat calories 412

Carbs 787 calories

Fiber 20.3 grams

Protein 297 calories

Dairy is almost ½ my calories!! This was surprising to me. While I've heard that animal products make the calories jump quickly, wow I didn't expect most of my calories to be from dairy. What I put in was all milk. I'm sure there are other calories from "good" dairy like yogurt, etc. (not just ice cream, cheese, etc) but I still didn't expect that many calories from this food group.

Lacking in vitamin C, E

I knew I wouldn't be committed to this website on a daily basis so I wanted a general idea of what I was taking in on an average day. I think I'm probably closer to 2000 calories/day and the number of calories burned is probably quite a bit less than indicated, but it was an interesting experiment nonetheless. The funny thing was the "mood" tab. The name itself was intriguing. I toggled the buttons accordingly and discovered I'm not a very happy person, rather neutral about many things. I'm on break from work, my biggest stressor, so it would be interesting to see how much the little guy frowns in another week. I had a few positive toggles, but a number of "neutral" toggles. Somehow to see this in a visual took on a whole new perspective. Perhaps it's time for a change...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Are we there yet?

I tried the new shoes again with the heel lock. I tried it yesterday afternoon and thought, "hey cool!" I even walked around a bit thinking it would work. I put them on, walked downstairs, even got on the treadmill and started running. I made it .041 miles and decided I would do more harm than good so I put the old clunkers on again. Any breaking-in suggestions?

I tried an experiment in visualization. The kids were watching Monsters vs Aliens and I was running. Yes, this is becoming a family affair. haha. OKOK, so while I was running and the miles were passing, I imagined the different points along the route from here to the lake and back. It felt like forever to get out there and then I had to turn around and get back. I really wanted to run 4 miles again since I was at 2 buffets in the last 3 meals. Vardotrichic, I'm sure your body would freak out knowing what I, potatoes, breadsticks, broasted chicken, the works. :) My body started to override my brain so I quit at the minimum 3 miles and walked until I got to 600 calories. I really really want the shoes to work!

I've run 5 days straight so maybe I'll take tomorrow off and run again Tues.
Details: 608 calories, 188 fat calories, 31 min @ 6mph, 14 min @ 3mph

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nothing like an old pair of shoes...

I was so excited to run again today. I put my shoes on and my heel was very sore. I took them off and saw a blister where it was rubbing yesterday. I thought maybe if I put a band-aid on it I could run. Nope. As soon as I got downstairs, I knew I wouldn't even make it a 1/2 mile. I took them off and put on the old clunkers. I ran 4 miles fairly easily. It was a good run again. I ran shirtless hoping I wouldn't get so sweaty, either. It helped a little, but I still sweat like crazy. All my rolls were jiggling I'm sure as my husband came down to talk to me a few times so that gives me more motivation to run: to look good for him. Always looking for the silver lining somewhere.

I have 2 more episodes of Lie to Me to watch so I can run two more times before that's done. Then I can listen to my ipod and see if I can be distracted enough with that. I really like the visual distraction as well. That really makes the time go by quickly. Once I get the shoes broke in and wear them all the time I want to get outside and see how different that is. My sister-in-law was here this week and talked about starting in early February. AHHHH!!! That's not far away. I have to be able to run to the lake and back without stopping. That at least gives me a target.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Shoes

Santa brought me a new pair of running shoes, a new ipod, and a sports bra. My children gave me running shorts and a new shirt. I should be ready to run. I was rather excited to run off my Christmas stocking this afternoon, but my body got in front of my mind. I saw at least every 1/4 mile go by. My shoes felt great at first, but then I think I had the laces too tight or something. At the end of the run there was something rubbing on my heel. Not sure of them yet. They are definitely lighter and feel better overall than my old clunkers however. Is there a "break-in" time or process that needs to happen? They have a great feel to them when I'm running and are so light. On the upside, I hit 1.4 miles before holding the bars today so that was really successful. I really wanted to go 4 miles again, but when I wanted to quit at 2 I knew I couldn't make it. Then, during the walk the heel rub would have made me quit anyway. I will try again tomorrow though. I am NOT giving up! I do persevere! It's nice to have so much support and people backing me. That is really keeping me going.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What a difference a day makes

I almost jumped out of bed and down to the basement. It was such a great run that I ran 4 miles today. I'm looking to the future and it says you're gonna die when you hit the pavement so if you can run 5 miles on the moving cement, you can run 1 on the static pavement. It was difficult at times, but I got 4 miles of running completed, then 1/2 mile walking.
700 calories, 240 fat calories, 50 min total, 2 lbs weight loss in sweat. At this rate, there will be nothing left of me after 26 miles.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Wiggle your big toe."

Once again I fell asleep before anyone got home from TKD last night (7:15ish) so I couldn't drag myself down to the moving street. Today officially starts Christmas break for me. This morning Bill left for work and I laid there for at least an hour trying to convince myself to get up and run. I felt like the chic in Kill Bill who is lying in a truck outside the hospital trying to overcome paralysis. "Get out of bed. Get out of bed. Get out of bed." Somehow I got enough something to get up. "You've wasted 2 days not running. You don't know what will happen the next few given the weather. You have love handles. You have people watching you be lazy right now. You are better than this. If a man can do a triathlon with his son you can get up and run 3 miles. Get out of bed. Get out of bed. Get out of bed. You will kick yourself later. You will feel better later. You have to run at least 30 min 3 times/week. You can't rest everyday. Get out of bed. Get out of bed. Get out of bed. Get out of bed. Get out of bed. It's getting late. If you get up now you can be done before any of the kids start getting up. Get out of bed. It's getting late."

I finally got up, ran 3.1 miles/30 min, walked 1 mi, 20 min, 670 calories/209 fat calories. This means I can eat 24 chocolate covered peanuts. It was worth it!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sweat Shop

I find it totally amazing how much I have been sweating this week. I even did the scale measurement this morning. I lost almost 2 pounds in 3.25 miles. This makes me wonder if there is a corrleation between the female biological cycle and the amount of sweat produced. Even the inside of my ears are sweaty because my earbuds keep falling out and won't stay in. My underwear is drenched at the end of 40 minutes, too. Do they make moisture-wicking underwear? Do I even want that?

On another note, I had no motivation to run today. Didn't feel like being there, nothing. I know not everyday will be good, but this is a lower day for me. Lie to Me got me through it though. I just did the 30 min 3 mi run, 10 min walk so I only burned 170ish calories and 180 fat calories.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

3.5 miles this morning

Thursday was a day of rest. Last night Santa wrapped presents until 12:30. I wasn't about to run after that since I had to be in Ames at 9 AM. I got up and ran at 7 and then left. I actually felt good at 3 mi that I went another 1/2 mile. So, I completed 4.1 miles, nearly 700 calories, 210 fat calories, and found a new show to watch. I think I ran a lot more without the handles as well. I am also starting to see some physical improvements. It's only scratching the surface, but it's a start. That's keeping me going right now.

My goal was to run again tonight, but the lack of sleep is catching up to me; I can't keep my eyes open. I'll just have to count the last two days as days of rest and keep going. Busy week ahead again so hopefully I won't fall too far behind. At least 30 min 3 days a week, right? What are some good after-run stretches?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


OK, I had a few epiphanies tonight:
1. My running posture is different on a treadmill than outside. Not sure which one is better, but they are different nonetheless.
2. Scrubs is not as funny as people say it is.
3. If I hold the bottom of my shirt, I can run farther without holding on to the bars.
4. If I hold the bottom of my shirt, I run more upright and not curled over as much.
5. I have been running for a number of days now and have gained at least 2 pounds! I'm supposed to be going the other way, aren't I?
6. I had a great run tonight, especially after a poopy break at mile 1.1
7. I much prefer juice after running than water.
8. Once I reached my end goal of 30 min running, 600 calories, 191 fat calories, 3.6 mi, I wanted to keep going.
9. Daughter #1 is still awake at 10:00 doing homework with her father.
10. I love snow days!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow day!

Well, the Big Guy must be watching out for me again, making it possible to hold my goal. Our 2-hr late start turned into a cancellation. Within 10 minutes I was in running shorts and a Tshirt. Down to the basement I went. 5.8 mi/hr must be a good rate for me as this is a comfortable running speed and I don't get terribly winded at the end of 3 miles (31 min).

A new challenge is emerging lately...chest pain. I didn't realize I had muscles on my ribs. Right under my collar bone on my chest is a set of muscles that tense up when I run. I think I am trying to hold my arms up or cling to something, like the handlebar on the treadmill, and consequently am tensing up. I feel like I can only run for about 90 seconds without holding on. How do I get over this?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day of rest

Well, I decided to rest yet another day. Quit while I'm ahead, right? OK, just joking. This is somewhat concerning as this will be a very busy week. Mom and dad are here so I feel the need to "entertain". Tomorrow night is Rachael's band/vocal concert that is now coupled with the HS due to weather last week; Tues is either TKD or the funeral; Wed is the Christmas program at church, which brings me to Thurs. I may have to "suck it up" some night and have another 3-hr nap and call it good for sleep. The stress of work is falling in on me, too. OK, this is why I run, right?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Water Experiment

Well, it's midnight and I finally unpacked the sleigh from a 14 trip, finished my run, "hottub" time, and am sitting to post my next blog entry. I knew you lost some (water) weight while exercising, and my research suggested that I weigh myself before I run and after so that I can replenish the weight in water lost. Well, in 30 min running, another 20ish walking so that I could finish watching Monk, I lost .8 lbs. I was a little surprised how much that was in such a short period of time. That's a lot of sweating, nearly 600 calories, 180 fat calories! So now my question is: how much do you have to drink to replenish a pound of weight loss? I certainly don't have to weigh myself every few minutes to see if I am back to prerun weight. Speaking of which, I have gained a pound since I started this. Ugh. I know it's early. OK, it's VERY early, but that's one of my goals. I know I know, muscle weighs more than fat.

The run tonight went pretty well. Vardotrichic, I took your suggestion and didn't stretch before. I just got on the treadmill and started running. I did a little stretching afterwards, but just ran cold. We'll see how that goes. I thought I would have been more tired faster, but it wasn't the case. I'm sure it was more acclimation, but the run went really really well. I felt as though I was hardly puffing tonight. That's encouraging! I think I could have gone the four miles and even contemplated it, but it's late so I didn't. Vardotrichic, thanks for all the encouragement! It really does help. I hope I can keep this going. Now, GO SWIMMING!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Asics 2140 size 8D...or was that 5140, I don't remember. They are a coooool blue. Lucky 13 more days.

Friday, December 11, 2009

14 days to Christmas!

My legs were hurting all day that I thought about not running at all, or at least walking a mile and call it good. My conscience got the better of me and I said if I am going to do this, I have to stick to it! Kecia, I kept thinking of your FB video of the guy and his son doing the triathlon. If he can do THAT, I can run a measley couple of miles. So, after Santa shopping tonight I did a lot of stretching to help loosen my achy muscles. I thought, "I'll run until I can't run anymore." I took my laptop downstairs and found an episode of The Office and started running. Karl doesn't have to know that part! I knew if I had something to distract me, the time and miles would go by much more quickly and easily. Jackpot! The first 2.77 miles flew by and I saw nearly every .01 mi off the treadmill ticker after that. I ran my 3 miles a little slower, but felt good afterwards. 163 fat calories gone, but I still have a ways to go. 5.7 mi/hr tonight. That made a big difference. After my 3 mi I slowed to 3 mi/hr to walk and then to 2.5 mi/hr then 2.1 mi/hr. for a cool-down. I'm keeping up with Kecia at this point in the program. :) Two days hardly puts a flake on the iceberg, but it's a start. My tiptoes are starting to blister if I go any farther so Santa better hurry!

Tomorrow is a full day of Santa shopping and I usually am dead and grouchy at the end. My legs really get a work out shopping for about 12-14 hrs straight. My plan is to run tomorrow, but realistically, I may make it a resting day. Is it ok to call my shopping marathon my work out tomorrow?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day of rest

OK, I'm glad for this because I think I went too fast last night. 6 mph makes my muscles hurt. I did some stretching before and after, even after walking the last ~3/4 mile, but it's hard to bend down to the floor. I try to do some of the stretches from TaeKwondo this past summer. That really loosened me up. I felt like a new person last summer.

Santa and the Mrs are starting their Christmas sleigh packing tomorrow night so I'm hoping to get 30 min in after they get home. Grandma and Grandpa are here to play with everyone so it will be a fun weekend for the kids.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climate-controlled run #1

Well, whether I am doing a 1/2 marathon training or a 5K training, I am to run 30 min or 3 mi. Either way, it's about the same for me. I broke cardinal running rule #1: Don't push it! I set a goal of 3-4 miles. OKOK, the Big Guy told me to obey the rules and gave me a nasty side ache about mile 2.6ish so I completed three miles and walked until I hit 600 calories/188 fat calories burned (about 3.6 mi). I figure that covers the all the great Christmas candy I consumed during this snowday lying on the couch watching movies with my kids.

OK, the first mile and a half went pretty fast, then I started feeling every step. My arms are like carrying bricks during the run. This is one thing that kills me running outside - I have no handlebar to hang onto like I do my treadmill. My lungs also hurt - I remember this from running in HS. My reading told me to keep 90 degrees on my arms so I was very consciously keeping my arms at hip level and making big strides. Can I lift weights or something to gain upper body strength? Will his help? I still felt my back curling, but it was still hard to straighten up when I was hurting. Hope Santa brings me some good shoes! $15 department store shoes may be part of my problem. :)

As I mentioned, indoor and outdoor running are very different. First noticeable difference: the ground doesn't move outside. Is there a science to running and keeping a good pace? I start to dog it and then it's all over. Once I start to walk it's nasty to start again. How do you keep the same pace? Running outside I never know if I am slowing down, speeding up, or keeping the same pace.

As for marathon training, the training schedule I found fits my schedule pretty well. I may have to trade out a day each week, but it's doable. Now, if school doesn't get me down, I'll be ok. Think positive! I always have great intentions of getting up early and running, but it's so easy to stay in bed after only a few hrs sleep. I usually feel better about 20 min after running, though.

The beginnings

OK, so I have been contemplating training for a marathon since that seems to be the new "thing" these days. I have to keep up with the Jones' you know! My reading tells me I need a purpose for doing this, so here are my goals:
• I have gained a few baby pounds that need to be shed
• I need to relieve stress from my life
• I have a family history of cancer, dimentia/Alzheimers, other issues that may be alleviated from excercise.