Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day of rest

OK, I'm glad for this because I think I went too fast last night. 6 mph makes my muscles hurt. I did some stretching before and after, even after walking the last ~3/4 mile, but it's hard to bend down to the floor. I try to do some of the stretches from TaeKwondo this past summer. That really loosened me up. I felt like a new person last summer.

Santa and the Mrs are starting their Christmas sleigh packing tomorrow night so I'm hoping to get 30 min in after they get home. Grandma and Grandpa are here to play with everyone so it will be a fun weekend for the kids.


  1. Keep it up!! Think of every step as a "New You" and remember that not all days are easy :)

    How far did you go last night? It is more important to stretch after a work out than before. Stretching "cold" muscles increases the potential for injury (strained muscles, possible muscle tears). If you want to stretch before you run, you should walk some first, stop and stretch and then resume the workout.

    It is important to have days of rest. This is how your muscles rebuild and strengthen. It is also important to cross train. Do you have bicycle or something you can do that is not pounding on the joints, but still works you cardiovascularly?

    I am glad grandma and grandpa are there :)

  2. Dang, I should have read this first. I didn't know (maybe I forgot) about stretching being bad on cold muscles. Hmmm... I often walk 1/4 mi, run and then walk last 1/4 mi. Somehow it's hard to think of a "new me" when I'm all sweating, out of breath and just not pretty. After I sit in a tub for awhile afterwards, ok that's a new me.

    I saw in my reading that you should not run more than 2 consecutive days without a day of rest. I like to rest. Almost as much as I like to eat! lol.

    Yes, I'm glad grandma and grandpa are here too. I think they are "getting old" though so I hate to dump on them too much.