Sunday, December 27, 2009

Are we there yet?

I tried the new shoes again with the heel lock. I tried it yesterday afternoon and thought, "hey cool!" I even walked around a bit thinking it would work. I put them on, walked downstairs, even got on the treadmill and started running. I made it .041 miles and decided I would do more harm than good so I put the old clunkers on again. Any breaking-in suggestions?

I tried an experiment in visualization. The kids were watching Monsters vs Aliens and I was running. Yes, this is becoming a family affair. haha. OKOK, so while I was running and the miles were passing, I imagined the different points along the route from here to the lake and back. It felt like forever to get out there and then I had to turn around and get back. I really wanted to run 4 miles again since I was at 2 buffets in the last 3 meals. Vardotrichic, I'm sure your body would freak out knowing what I, potatoes, breadsticks, broasted chicken, the works. :) My body started to override my brain so I quit at the minimum 3 miles and walked until I got to 600 calories. I really really want the shoes to work!

I've run 5 days straight so maybe I'll take tomorrow off and run again Tues.
Details: 608 calories, 188 fat calories, 31 min @ 6mph, 14 min @ 3mph


  1. Wear the shoes around the house to break them in. You may have to wait until the blister heals to wear them on a run again. Another thing that could be causing the combination with the new your socks. Make sure you are wearing wicking socks that pull the moisture away. I tend to get blisters between my toes (it doesn't matter what I do) and I always know I will get them if I run past 10 miles or if I sweat a lot and the moisture gets into my socks.

    You are body would revolt with the food you ate, but that is because I am on my 6th week with no whites (including sugar). We are going out to The Cafe for dinner on New Years Eve. I am planning to get a dessert, but will probably suffer greatly for it...I will be on a sugar high and probably get a headache from all of the sugar. I will definitely go back on this diet though...I feel amazing with the amount of energy I have and the lack of insulin spikes that I have throughout the day.

    Great work, but now it is time for a rest day from running...I had my rest day yesterday, so I really am off to the gym for hills now. :)

  2. Yeah, the socks are definitely a possibility. Bill and I talked about that. Good birthday idea for the kids! I haven't gotten blisters between my toes, ever. Sounds nasty. It's incredible the body parts that sweat on me.

    Enjoy your sugar high. ;) Stay safe.