Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sweat Shop

I find it totally amazing how much I have been sweating this week. I even did the scale measurement this morning. I lost almost 2 pounds in 3.25 miles. This makes me wonder if there is a corrleation between the female biological cycle and the amount of sweat produced. Even the inside of my ears are sweaty because my earbuds keep falling out and won't stay in. My underwear is drenched at the end of 40 minutes, too. Do they make moisture-wicking underwear? Do I even want that?

On another note, I had no motivation to run today. Didn't feel like being there, nothing. I know not everyday will be good, but this is a lower day for me. Lie to Me got me through it though. I just did the 30 min 3 mi run, 10 min walk so I only burned 170ish calories and 180 fat calories.

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  1. I am SO PROUD of you!! You are doing AWESOME!! Take a look at this website for info on stretching,7120,s6-238-263-266-11461-0,00.html
    If it says to use an elastic band for stretches, I have been known to just use a rope if absolutely needed.

    Remember, muscle does weigh more than fat. I learned a lot of VERY useful information on how to accurately lose weight at a nutrition clinic. It is more important to look at the food you are taking in. In order for our bodies to be "Fat Burning Machines," we need to consume less carbohydrates so our bodies learn how to burn the 82,000 calories of stored fat in our bodies (as opposed to the 1600-1800 stored carbohydrate calories). When you are trying to lose weight, one should be looking at consuming a diet of 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates (mostly from whole grains and vegetables...fruit has high sugar content which will increase the carbs in the diet) and 20% fats (good fats from nuts, avacadoes, etc.). I have a whole lot of information on this if you are interested. Tim and I have been on a no processed sugar diet with absolutely no whites (white grains, sugars, potatoes, etc.) for 4 full weeks. We feel AMAZING!! It has been such a wonderful thing for us!! I can't believe some of the foods we use to eat and thought we were eating "healthy." We have been logging our diet on and it is pretty impressive to see what is consumed :)