Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The beginnings

OK, so I have been contemplating training for a marathon since that seems to be the new "thing" these days. I have to keep up with the Jones' you know! My reading tells me I need a purpose for doing this, so here are my goals:
• I have gained a few baby pounds that need to be shed
• I need to relieve stress from my life
• I have a family history of cancer, dimentia/Alzheimers, other issues that may be alleviated from excercise.


  1. New shoes will definitely help with the lower back pain. The other thing that will help is developing a strong core. Abs, Abs, Abs...believe it or not, these workouts will also help strengthen your back muscles. Do you have a place where you can do a weight training routine? The key is to continually work. When the routine gets easy, it is time to increase the weights.

    You should think about joining us in March (right after spring break) for the Team 12.4 training program through the City of Ames Parks and Rec. You mentioned that it is difficult to get out the door sometimes...when there are poeple to hold you accountable, it makes it much easier to get out the door. Finding someone to run with (Dede Jacoby ran with Team 12.4 last year) would definitely help. Just think about joining us in March.

    The key to developing lungs suitable for the cold weather is getting out in the cold for more than just running. Go out for power walks with the dog...speaking of dog, take the dog for a run...there is nothing more motivating than a dog. Mara has an internal clock and knows when it is time for a run. She gets so excited that it is impossible to say no to her. Back to the cold...the more you are out in it, the better your body acclimates to it...just like the summer heat, but in reverse.

  2. Weights - place isn't an issue; it's TIME. :( I think I'm just at a place in my life right now that my kids and family are more important. By the time I get their needs met and prep for school it's like 1AM...only so many hours in the day. I am in awe how much time you spend exercising everyday. I only wish I had that much time on my hands! I thought about buying a few hand weights and working at home while making supper etc. I know what you mean about abs. When I run a lot, I can definitely feel it. I think this will help my other medical issue we discussed last year, too.
    Cold - My lungs just need to acclimate to excercise. You'd think I was a heavy smoker. lol This always happens. Another difference of indoor/outdoor running. I can get pretty good with indoor running and then last summer I started running outside and it was like I never took a step before in my whole life!
    Ames Team - I would LOVE to do that, but I can't say I'd be committed to that. If I lived in Ames it may be a better chance I could do it. I told my sister-in-law, J, that she would have to train me this spring. I figure that will be my accountability and she will be someone who will run with me. She did her first marathon in DSM this past fall. It was fun to see her excitement. I watched the boys a couple times so she could go out running when Erik was gone.

    I know, these are all excuses, but that's where I am and why I can do this for a little while, but then it's put on the back burner for awhile again. I need someone to keep me going. I still can't imagine running for 5-6 hours straight.

  3. Time is a huge factor. I put exercise in my calendar and don't let other things get in the way of that time...however, I don't have kids. It is easier living with someone who also exercises and works early to push me out the door sometimes. Having motivation (whether internal or external) is key :) I know running outside is DEFINITELY different than running on a treadmill. You are using different muscles, so it is going to be harder at first to get use to using those new muscles. Maybe you and J could both do the Ames Team 12.4 training. We meet on Tuesday nights at 5:30 as a group and Saturday mornings (usually about 7 or 8 am) for the longer runs together. The rest of the runs are for you to do on your own (or with J if you both decide to do it). Just a thought.