Monday, December 28, 2009


This is technically a day of rest, but I checked out the website and put in a "normal" day. Here's what I found out about my diet:

Carbs 53%

Fat 28%

Protein 20%

Alcohol 0%

Total Calories 1492

Fat calories 412

Carbs 787 calories

Fiber 20.3 grams

Protein 297 calories

Dairy is almost ½ my calories!! This was surprising to me. While I've heard that animal products make the calories jump quickly, wow I didn't expect most of my calories to be from dairy. What I put in was all milk. I'm sure there are other calories from "good" dairy like yogurt, etc. (not just ice cream, cheese, etc) but I still didn't expect that many calories from this food group.

Lacking in vitamin C, E

I knew I wouldn't be committed to this website on a daily basis so I wanted a general idea of what I was taking in on an average day. I think I'm probably closer to 2000 calories/day and the number of calories burned is probably quite a bit less than indicated, but it was an interesting experiment nonetheless. The funny thing was the "mood" tab. The name itself was intriguing. I toggled the buttons accordingly and discovered I'm not a very happy person, rather neutral about many things. I'm on break from work, my biggest stressor, so it would be interesting to see how much the little guy frowns in another week. I had a few positive toggles, but a number of "neutral" toggles. Somehow to see this in a visual took on a whole new perspective. Perhaps it's time for a change...

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  1. This has been a great advantage for me and has helped me lose 4 pounds (that I have kept off) over the last 6 weeks. I love that I can put in my activity, food, mood, etc. and try to improve my life overall. It is definitely mind opening to see what I am consuming :)