Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Shoes

Santa brought me a new pair of running shoes, a new ipod, and a sports bra. My children gave me running shorts and a new shirt. I should be ready to run. I was rather excited to run off my Christmas stocking this afternoon, but my body got in front of my mind. I saw at least every 1/4 mile go by. My shoes felt great at first, but then I think I had the laces too tight or something. At the end of the run there was something rubbing on my heel. Not sure of them yet. They are definitely lighter and feel better overall than my old clunkers however. Is there a "break-in" time or process that needs to happen? They have a great feel to them when I'm running and are so light. On the upside, I hit 1.4 miles before holding the bars today so that was really successful. I really wanted to go 4 miles again, but when I wanted to quit at 2 I knew I couldn't make it. Then, during the walk the heel rub would have made me quit anyway. I will try again tomorrow though. I am NOT giving up! I do persevere! It's nice to have so much support and people backing me. That is really keeping me going.


  1. For some people, new shoes need to be broken in before running in them. If I had my choice, I would pull out a new pair of shoes for every run, but I am definitely not the norm for this. Nearly all of the runners that we run with need a "break-in" period for their shoes...usually between 50-100 miles of wear before they fit just right. When you say your "heel rubs" is there slipping of the heel? If so, you need to tie the shoes so there is a "heel lock" put on them to prevent slipping. There is a video on how to tie a "heel lock" at this website:
    Check it may help. I have lots of little tricks up my sleeve to make running better :)

  2. Hey thanks! I always wondered what that extra eye hole was for. I put on my shoes again and tried it and they seem even more snug. I was impressed how snugly they fit my foot at first, but this is amazing! I think I'll have to let the blister heal and then try them again. I was all ready to take these back and get something else. Guess I'll have ot suck it up and just run. Any other tricks?