Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climate-controlled run #1

Well, whether I am doing a 1/2 marathon training or a 5K training, I am to run 30 min or 3 mi. Either way, it's about the same for me. I broke cardinal running rule #1: Don't push it! I set a goal of 3-4 miles. OKOK, the Big Guy told me to obey the rules and gave me a nasty side ache about mile 2.6ish so I completed three miles and walked until I hit 600 calories/188 fat calories burned (about 3.6 mi). I figure that covers the all the great Christmas candy I consumed during this snowday lying on the couch watching movies with my kids.

OK, the first mile and a half went pretty fast, then I started feeling every step. My arms are like carrying bricks during the run. This is one thing that kills me running outside - I have no handlebar to hang onto like I do my treadmill. My lungs also hurt - I remember this from running in HS. My reading told me to keep 90 degrees on my arms so I was very consciously keeping my arms at hip level and making big strides. Can I lift weights or something to gain upper body strength? Will his help? I still felt my back curling, but it was still hard to straighten up when I was hurting. Hope Santa brings me some good shoes! $15 department store shoes may be part of my problem. :)

As I mentioned, indoor and outdoor running are very different. First noticeable difference: the ground doesn't move outside. Is there a science to running and keeping a good pace? I start to dog it and then it's all over. Once I start to walk it's nasty to start again. How do you keep the same pace? Running outside I never know if I am slowing down, speeding up, or keeping the same pace.

As for marathon training, the training schedule I found fits my schedule pretty well. I may have to trade out a day each week, but it's doable. Now, if school doesn't get me down, I'll be ok. Think positive! I always have great intentions of getting up early and running, but it's so easy to stay in bed after only a few hrs sleep. I usually feel better about 20 min after running, though.

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