Wednesday, December 16, 2009


OK, I had a few epiphanies tonight:
1. My running posture is different on a treadmill than outside. Not sure which one is better, but they are different nonetheless.
2. Scrubs is not as funny as people say it is.
3. If I hold the bottom of my shirt, I can run farther without holding on to the bars.
4. If I hold the bottom of my shirt, I run more upright and not curled over as much.
5. I have been running for a number of days now and have gained at least 2 pounds! I'm supposed to be going the other way, aren't I?
6. I had a great run tonight, especially after a poopy break at mile 1.1
7. I much prefer juice after running than water.
8. Once I reached my end goal of 30 min running, 600 calories, 191 fat calories, 3.6 mi, I wanted to keep going.
9. Daughter #1 is still awake at 10:00 doing homework with her father.
10. I love snow days!

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