Friday, May 28, 2010

At Grandmas

Came over to mom and dad's house with the family. Walked in, changed my clothes, left everyone with grandma and grandpa and went running! I am 2 runs behind this week. Guess that's what end of the year does to me. Anyway, mapped out an 8 mile run and it went great! Got some good hills in, too. Mom and dad live on top of a big hill so no matter where I went I had to finish uphill.

I think I've reached a new level, or maybe just really slowed down the running. The past number of runs I have not burned out at the end. I have really tried to mentally prepare for the marathon. After the first mile I say, "OK, only 25 miles left", "Only 20 miles left" "Only 18 miles left - just like the longest run so far - piece of cake!" When I'm done at 8, or whever it is, I still feel strong and like a machine. Tonight I was a little slow, but I have consciously been thinking slow so that I don't burn up everything I've been storing. I've been taking it easy I guess you'd say.

It was a great run tonight. Monti is bigger than Jewell so it was nice to run all in town and not run on the same street for 8 miles. It starting getting dark, however and I was wishing I had more reflective gear on, but I kept plugging along. There were some neighborhoods that it seemed didn't have any street lights! This was kinda scarry, especially since I don't run with my glasses on. Dark and blind are not a good combination.

OK, my last announcement: I officially signed up for my marathon. I'm just going to do it! T minus 1 week to D2D and 2 weeks to M2M. I am officially tapering now. It will just be another Saturday run, just pushing myself a little farther. I can do it!!

8.5 mile run; .7 mile walk; RPE - 3

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A cleansing rain

There were storms in the forecast all day and I've been putting off this first "recovery run" long enough. I really wanted to do 5 miles, but thought I would push to get a minimum 2-3 miles in. I've been eating like crazy hoping that would help my run. Well! This was perhaps the best recovery run I've ever had! I am mentally preparing myself for the marathon. It has been in the 90s the past couple days with high humidity. I figured it may very well be like this on race day when I'm all by myself so I might as well just go out and get it over with!

The threatening storm didn't seem to bother me either. I was going to run the "dog" run to the south because there were southern winds tonight and I could have the wind at my back on the way home. However, with the impending rain I didn't want to be on the highway so I just stayed in town. I didn't have a route mapped out, but had a good idea about how far I was going based on some previous runs. I came pretty close - 4.77 miles. I felt good at the end of the run, like I could have gone another 10+ miles. "I am a machine. This is what I've been training for. I am strong. I am a marathoner. I am a machine!"

Eventually the rains came and it was very cool and refreshing. I had my hat on so it blocked the rain from my eyes. It really felt great. I could run 26 miles in that kind of rain. On the other hand, I don't think a rain run will be good for my ipod. :( So, I have to pray it doesn't rain on race day.

Because of all the heat and humidity, I have been very conscious about drinking more during the day to keep hydrated throughout the week. Unformtuately a side effect to this is it is cleaning out my body and it needs to get rid of it all! About a mile into the run I had to pee soooooo badly. I just kept going. I seriously contemplated going back to the house to pee and then continue on. No, it's only a few miles tonight. There won't be portapotties along the marathon route. Suck it up and keep running!

I got 2 boxes of gels for the upcoming races. I really really really find them totally disgusting, but it's what I have to do so I got some. I am not totally disgusted by the vanilla and strawberry/banana so I got those two flavors. I think this is one of those things like drinking during a run. I just have to do it a lot to get used to it. I just feel like I am eating a gallon of that icing you put between graham crackers. It's just a thick goo that doesn't sit well in my stomache. yuck. I tell myself good things as I'm eating them, though. That's how I choked them down.

4.77 mil run; 5 min walk; RPE - 3

Saturday, May 22, 2010

And this completes 47 miles

I was only going to do 10-12 this morning, but J wanted to do 16. I got done and still felt like I had a little in me so I finished with 18 miles. It wasn't as great as last week, but at least I can say I did 2 full 18-mile weeks. As we were running J was talking about her miles. I added mine up and realized I had completed 47 since I woke up last Saturday. WOW. That seems like a lot. If someone told me 2 months ago that I would be running 47 miles in one week I probably would have laughed at them.

There is only a couple weeks left before Dam to Dam and 3 before Marathon to Marathon. D2D was always my first goal. I should be able to do that with my eyes closed. I think I have tlaked myself into M2M. I printed off the registration form. It needs to be in their hands by June 2.

OK so the run went fairly well today. I felt like I was really pushing myself to get through it and using lots of self talk to keep going. We seemed to be running slower than usual, but J was really hurting toward the end of the run. She pushed through it. We have swithced roles lately. I'm the one pulling her through at the end. While I feel badly for her, I know exactly how she feels! I could never get through my last mile and she always had to pull me along. The winds were a little strong from the southeast. Going with the wind it was hot, but into the wind was a push. It was good for me though. I needed some more resistence training, especially on a long run. At the end of the run I felt as though the wall was coming very near so I was glad I was done. Another couple of miles might have been it for me today.

Long range forecast is predicting storms for D2D. Can find long range for M2M. Guess I'll just have to take what I get.

18 mile run; .2 mile walk; RPE - 4

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

I wanted a run with wind and hills tonight so I went to Ellsworth. I got wind and hills. I think the winds were like around 15 mph and there was a one big hill and a couple gradual hills. That was just what I needed. It was great. I had about 6 miles of this. When I got back into town I saw a big uphill so I continued to the top of that. Just before I got to the top, I saw J running! I got to the corner and yelled to her. She turned around and ran the last couple miles with me.

Just as I was getting back into town, I was going over some gravel on the highway and a rock got in my shoe. Yes, "I got a rock!" just like Charlie Brown during trick-or-treating.

About 1/2 block after J and I met up again, a boy ran up to us and ran for a few blocks. He was "dared" to come run with us. Oh great! He asked how far we were going to run. We said a couple more miles. He was surprised and asked for long we had been running. We said, "oh, about 6." "About 6 what?" Seemed like a no-brainer to us, "miles", we responded. He was shocked! J asked him what he had been doing the past hour. He said "eating". haha.

OK, excitement is mounting... I think I need to just get myself registered for Marathon to Marathon. I'll probably do it anyway. I sooooo love to run with J! Just as I was getting ready to quit and saw her I got lots of energy again and the last 2 miles went by sooo quickly. It only seemed like 1/2 mile. Can I really do a marathon. OKOK YES! I CAN. I AM a marathoner. I know I'm getting stronger, my muscles are getting stronger, my heart is getting stronger, my lungs are getting stronger. I am well-prepared for this. My biggest concern now is the weather and hitting the wall. That is so not fun.

8 mile run; .25 walk; RPE - 3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3R run

I actually ran last night, but finally got to bed at just after midnight so didn't take the time to blog until today. The 3 Rs: reflective recovery run.

My goal was 5 miles when I started out, but like every first run after a long run I dogged it. This was not dogging it like I usually do, though because I felt really strong, like I had the energy to keep going. At the same time I was totally exhausted. Am I crazy for wanting to do a marathon after D2D? Maybe trivardochic should be talking me out of this a little more strongly. I have great apprehension about this, but yet am confident I can do it. I have one more week to register. Will it be yucky weather? Lots of hills? high winds? no spectators? Will I hit the wall like at Drake? Will I buen up all my carbs at D2D the week before? OK, so all this was running through my head as I ran last night.

I had about half the run on crappy roads. This didn't help either. I was on gravel/limestone for awhile. That didn't feel good. I don't know how people run through walking paths that aren't paved. OK, well I got that run out of the way. I think I did about 3-3.5 miles. It wasn't my goal, but it's over.

3 mile run; .25 mile walk; RPE - 3

Saturday, May 15, 2010

All alone

Well, J hasn't been feeling well with her leg so I had to go solo today. Wasn't sure I could really do it on my own. It's so nice to be chatting with someone else while running to get my mind off the miles slowly ticking away. I thought I would start aching too much and stop too soon.

I really really really wanted to do at least 12 miles. Wasn't sure if that was a possibility with only having done 8 miles as the longest run since Drake. I made a 14-mile route and thought, in the outside chance that I feel good on the run, I have about 3 spots where I could expand the run. Or, I could shortened it to 12 if I had to. I got to 5 miles and was getting loosened up, 8 miles really felt good so I thought perhaps I will expand it to 16 mile run. That would be good if I could do that. I made it to mile 11 and started to think perhaps I could do a full 18. That would put me back on schedule from before the last couple of weeks. If I can't do it, then I will just stop when I get back into town. I was headed back into town at mile 16 and really enjoyed how much carb loading I did this week. Yes, I CAN do 18 today. I was pushing myself, but thought it was time to start pushing. It's been a week with the new shoes and my leg has been feeling amazing. I can't give up now. As tired as I am, I really feel strong and like I can keep going. The wall is a ways off yet. I finished at J's house just to privately recognize her as my running buddy. We always seem to finish somewhere between her house and my house.

It was an awesome run! I really did 18 all by myself. I had to listen to 3 playlists to get through it but I did it. It was all me. I didn't need anyone "pulling" me along or even lots of inner voice talking. I even sped up toward the end trying to "empty the tank". I think I could have done a complete marathon today! I would have been totally exhausted, but I think I could have done it today. It felt really really good. It was nice to finally have a long run that I wasn't totally dragging at the end of it.

In the end I made good speed and kept a consistent pace. I checked my time a few times and was right on track for a 10-min mile. I must have sped up a little because I got back in the house I was right at 3 hrs, including the walking at the end.

Bill had a playlist that again was very inspiring for me. At mile 3 I started heading out on the highway. I heard "On the road again". After a few more songs and another mile or so of country running, "Country roads" came on the ipod. When I started getting tired and a bit achy, I heard a song that repeated something about not having pain anymore. It was absolutely perfect. I don't think he realizes what perfect timing he has on some of those songs.

When I got toward the end of the run, about 1/2 mile left to go, I was coming north on Hwy 69 and a man was standing at the Casey's corner. He motioned me to turn left and then another turn. ???? I took out one earplug and asked him to repeat. He realized my confusion and said, "Oh, you're not running in the relay?" "Uh, no, I've been running for 3 hrs and am almost done!" He clapped for me and encouraged me. It was kinda like running in a race! A total stranger helping me along. I love running!

18 mile run; .25 mile walk; RPE - 3.5

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome bikers

Tonight my parents were here so I asked if they wanted to go for a bike ride. I ran 5 miles out to the Ethanol turn and back, and a couple more miles in town. I had my newest shoes on and it felt GREAT! Even at the end of the run when I usually poop out I was feeling great like I could have done another 5 miles. I am very excited to see what Saturday brings for a long run.

5 mile run; .25 mile walk; RPE - 2.5

Monday, May 10, 2010


My goal was 8 miles. and. I did eight miles! I am sooo excited. My body wanted to stop at around mile 2.5, but shut it off and kept going. I had to watch 3 shows to get that far, but I made it 1/3 marathon. I got home to 25+mph winds so decided that would just be too much. There were wind advisories telling me to just go to the basement and get on the treadmill. I listened. Could I have gone farther? If I had to, but that was my goal so I stopped. I feel strong enough to do like 12 miles on Saturday.

I heard at lunch today that they were going to close the bridge for construction just north of the golf course entrance. DANG! That means the Ethanol Loop is out of the question for running. UGH. That is the base for our routes. OK, so I drove out to the golf course today and it is indeed closed. grrr. Guess I'll have to run 4 miles, turn around and go back the other way. That will give us 8 mile trip rather than 5 miles.

Great run tonight nonetheless. I felt great and I will keep the shoes. My knees are a bit achy, but my leg feels greeeeaaaat. So, third time's a charm. I think I finally found the right shoe. Still rolling and stretching.

8 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 3
T minus 3 weeks to D2D

Friday, May 7, 2010

Reestablishing a base

Finally got to run again tonight. My goal was a minimum of 5 miles. The winds were 20+mph. ugh. If I didn't have a bum leg I would suck it up and go run outside, but I am trying to heal this leg so I went to the basement.

This was a positive run in so many ways. I rolled and stretched for about a 1/2 hour before heading downstairs. The first mile kind of flew by. I made it to the end of the second season of Lost and the end of mile 5. I felt good. I think I could do 12-16 miles next week. I am getting more confidence again, but I feel like I am starting over at the beginning and have to work up to the point I was at a couple weeks ago. I did not have to drag myself back upstairs after the run by hanging on to the handrail. That was a huge postive!!

The shoes: I think I'm in the right shoe now. My leg is soooooo much better. I still have a little ways to go, but there is a marked improvement. However, tonight after the run I was bathing and my ankles felt a bit achy. I hope this is not a "consequence" of these shoes. I am cautiously optimistic...

5 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 3

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New month - new shoes

Well, a new month has started so I guess that means I need a new pair of shoes. Yep that's right: I've gone through three pair of shoes in as many months. This is getting silly. However, they were cheaper than the last pair and I have a week of indoor running to return them if they don't work out.

I went to Runner's Flat at the suggestion of Vardotrichic. I hope this is the last pair that I will need. They were very nice and seemed to really know what they were talking about there. I feel more knowledgeable now than a few months ago when I bought my first pair of shoes so I asked lots more questions. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner!) I will be in the correct pair of shoes. I ran on the treadmill for a little bit and they looked at my run. I discovered I run in a totally straight line. I mean s.t.r.a.i.g.h.t! That was rather weird to see. I always thought my feet went side by side, but I think I could run a tightrope. Anyway, my feet hit the ground straight so my shoes are tooooo much support, causing my foot to strain more as I run, putting more pressure on the IT band.

When I got home, I ran and didn't feel the nasty pain until about 3/4 mile so that was good. I almost thought it was going to be a good run! I went 2 miles, but felt I could go farther. Again, I didn't want to push it too much so I stopped and walked. My muscles were starting to burn anyway so it was probably better. I just hope I'm not losing what I've worked up to this far. When I walked upstairs again, the climb was nasty, but walking around the house was a much better after-run than I've had in a few weeks. Maybe it's all in my head, but this may actually work.

One of the positive side effects of all this running is a loss of 14 lbs. One of the negative side effects of all this running is the physical pain, resulting in less running, thus gradual weight gain again. ugh. I quit eating school lunch again and am just eating lightly again. This is helping, but I really just want to RUN!

2 mile run; 10 min walk; RPE - 3.5

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

40 going on 90

I have been feeling better lately so I finally ran again tonight. Not good. I feel like a 90-yr-old falling apart at the joints. My goal was 5 miles, but my knees hurt so bad I quit at 1.5 miles. I put ice on them and sat down again. J is even feeling pain and didn't finish her long run last weekend.

I've realized that my ITBand problem has arisen when I got my new shoes. There could also be a correlation with the high miles. I think my longest run at the time was like 10-12 miles. If it's the shoes, that's an easy fix. If it's the mileage, I'm ok with saying I'm just a 1/2 marathoner. That was my original goal anyway. I really want to do a full marathon but the week after Drake I thought I was reduced to a max of 1/2 marathon. When I was able to get back up to 7 miles and feel good again I thought a marathon was achievable. Now I'm down again.

Vardotrichic suggests going to Runner's Flat in Cedar Falls to get my run analyzed. I'm ready! I'm going tomorrow right after school so I can get there before they close. I'm afraid they will say, "Well, you are in too much pain and running too 'weird' to be able to analyze your run so why don't you lay low for a few weeks, heal up, and then come back and see us." Ugh, just fix me!

T minus 4 weeks to Dam to Dam...

1.5 mile run; 1/2 mile walk; RPE - 5

Saturday, May 1, 2010

To run or not to run...

Well, one week later I finally had a good run! Just four days ago I was almost in tears running and I was trying to hold myself up to not put all my weight on my leg. Today I did a full SEVEN miles with J! I was soooo excited. My goal was Ethanol, but was totally prepared to not finish it as a run, and maybe even call Bill to come and pick me up. However, on the other hand, I wasn't going to do any more than 7 miles so as not to push it too much.

I knew that if I run with J I would do way more than if I ran all by myself. I stretched for a good 20 minutes and rolled on the foam roller. We headed out to the Ethanol Plant. At mile about 1.4 I was feeling pretty good. I told her if I don't feel any worse at mile 4 that maybe we could do around the cemetery and back to the north edge of town. About half way around the loop a train came! We tried to sprint in front of it, but knew we wouldn't make it. The bars came down so we slowed to a fast walk. He finally stopped for us and let us go through. Thanks Mr Train Conductor. We went through the arms and kept going. He waved back. Back in town I was feeling great. I thought I could have even done the full 18 with J, but kept with my limit of 7 for the day. I came home and did another 15-20 min of stretching and rolling.

Next week J will have 13 and then the following week another 18 so I will join her the next two weeks. At least I won't feel like I'm cheating or like I'm starting over at the beginning of the training. I've definitely learned a lot in the past week. It's has been a great experience.

7 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 3