Saturday, May 22, 2010

And this completes 47 miles

I was only going to do 10-12 this morning, but J wanted to do 16. I got done and still felt like I had a little in me so I finished with 18 miles. It wasn't as great as last week, but at least I can say I did 2 full 18-mile weeks. As we were running J was talking about her miles. I added mine up and realized I had completed 47 since I woke up last Saturday. WOW. That seems like a lot. If someone told me 2 months ago that I would be running 47 miles in one week I probably would have laughed at them.

There is only a couple weeks left before Dam to Dam and 3 before Marathon to Marathon. D2D was always my first goal. I should be able to do that with my eyes closed. I think I have tlaked myself into M2M. I printed off the registration form. It needs to be in their hands by June 2.

OK so the run went fairly well today. I felt like I was really pushing myself to get through it and using lots of self talk to keep going. We seemed to be running slower than usual, but J was really hurting toward the end of the run. She pushed through it. We have swithced roles lately. I'm the one pulling her through at the end. While I feel badly for her, I know exactly how she feels! I could never get through my last mile and she always had to pull me along. The winds were a little strong from the southeast. Going with the wind it was hot, but into the wind was a push. It was good for me though. I needed some more resistence training, especially on a long run. At the end of the run I felt as though the wall was coming very near so I was glad I was done. Another couple of miles might have been it for me today.

Long range forecast is predicting storms for D2D. Can find long range for M2M. Guess I'll just have to take what I get.

18 mile run; .2 mile walk; RPE - 4

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