Tuesday, May 4, 2010

40 going on 90

I have been feeling better lately so I finally ran again tonight. Not good. I feel like a 90-yr-old falling apart at the joints. My goal was 5 miles, but my knees hurt so bad I quit at 1.5 miles. I put ice on them and sat down again. J is even feeling pain and didn't finish her long run last weekend.

I've realized that my ITBand problem has arisen when I got my new shoes. There could also be a correlation with the high miles. I think my longest run at the time was like 10-12 miles. If it's the shoes, that's an easy fix. If it's the mileage, I'm ok with saying I'm just a 1/2 marathoner. That was my original goal anyway. I really want to do a full marathon but the week after Drake I thought I was reduced to a max of 1/2 marathon. When I was able to get back up to 7 miles and feel good again I thought a marathon was achievable. Now I'm down again.

Vardotrichic suggests going to Runner's Flat in Cedar Falls to get my run analyzed. I'm ready! I'm going tomorrow right after school so I can get there before they close. I'm afraid they will say, "Well, you are in too much pain and running too 'weird' to be able to analyze your run so why don't you lay low for a few weeks, heal up, and then come back and see us." Ugh, just fix me!

T minus 4 weeks to Dam to Dam...

1.5 mile run; 1/2 mile walk; RPE - 5

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