Saturday, May 15, 2010

All alone

Well, J hasn't been feeling well with her leg so I had to go solo today. Wasn't sure I could really do it on my own. It's so nice to be chatting with someone else while running to get my mind off the miles slowly ticking away. I thought I would start aching too much and stop too soon.

I really really really wanted to do at least 12 miles. Wasn't sure if that was a possibility with only having done 8 miles as the longest run since Drake. I made a 14-mile route and thought, in the outside chance that I feel good on the run, I have about 3 spots where I could expand the run. Or, I could shortened it to 12 if I had to. I got to 5 miles and was getting loosened up, 8 miles really felt good so I thought perhaps I will expand it to 16 mile run. That would be good if I could do that. I made it to mile 11 and started to think perhaps I could do a full 18. That would put me back on schedule from before the last couple of weeks. If I can't do it, then I will just stop when I get back into town. I was headed back into town at mile 16 and really enjoyed how much carb loading I did this week. Yes, I CAN do 18 today. I was pushing myself, but thought it was time to start pushing. It's been a week with the new shoes and my leg has been feeling amazing. I can't give up now. As tired as I am, I really feel strong and like I can keep going. The wall is a ways off yet. I finished at J's house just to privately recognize her as my running buddy. We always seem to finish somewhere between her house and my house.

It was an awesome run! I really did 18 all by myself. I had to listen to 3 playlists to get through it but I did it. It was all me. I didn't need anyone "pulling" me along or even lots of inner voice talking. I even sped up toward the end trying to "empty the tank". I think I could have done a complete marathon today! I would have been totally exhausted, but I think I could have done it today. It felt really really good. It was nice to finally have a long run that I wasn't totally dragging at the end of it.

In the end I made good speed and kept a consistent pace. I checked my time a few times and was right on track for a 10-min mile. I must have sped up a little because I got back in the house I was right at 3 hrs, including the walking at the end.

Bill had a playlist that again was very inspiring for me. At mile 3 I started heading out on the highway. I heard "On the road again". After a few more songs and another mile or so of country running, "Country roads" came on the ipod. When I started getting tired and a bit achy, I heard a song that repeated something about not having pain anymore. It was absolutely perfect. I don't think he realizes what perfect timing he has on some of those songs.

When I got toward the end of the run, about 1/2 mile left to go, I was coming north on Hwy 69 and a man was standing at the Casey's corner. He motioned me to turn left and then another turn. ???? I took out one earplug and asked him to repeat. He realized my confusion and said, "Oh, you're not running in the relay?" "Uh, no, I've been running for 3 hrs and am almost done!" He clapped for me and encouraged me. It was kinda like running in a race! A total stranger helping me along. I love running!

18 mile run; .25 mile walk; RPE - 3.5

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  1. I later found out that guy by Casey's was with a Relay for Life. That was cool to know I ran part of, even if it wasn't official. I saw their motorhomes, trucks, and other vehicles at the park for the finale. I privately celebrated myself.