Friday, May 28, 2010

At Grandmas

Came over to mom and dad's house with the family. Walked in, changed my clothes, left everyone with grandma and grandpa and went running! I am 2 runs behind this week. Guess that's what end of the year does to me. Anyway, mapped out an 8 mile run and it went great! Got some good hills in, too. Mom and dad live on top of a big hill so no matter where I went I had to finish uphill.

I think I've reached a new level, or maybe just really slowed down the running. The past number of runs I have not burned out at the end. I have really tried to mentally prepare for the marathon. After the first mile I say, "OK, only 25 miles left", "Only 20 miles left" "Only 18 miles left - just like the longest run so far - piece of cake!" When I'm done at 8, or whever it is, I still feel strong and like a machine. Tonight I was a little slow, but I have consciously been thinking slow so that I don't burn up everything I've been storing. I've been taking it easy I guess you'd say.

It was a great run tonight. Monti is bigger than Jewell so it was nice to run all in town and not run on the same street for 8 miles. It starting getting dark, however and I was wishing I had more reflective gear on, but I kept plugging along. There were some neighborhoods that it seemed didn't have any street lights! This was kinda scarry, especially since I don't run with my glasses on. Dark and blind are not a good combination.

OK, my last announcement: I officially signed up for my marathon. I'm just going to do it! T minus 1 week to D2D and 2 weeks to M2M. I am officially tapering now. It will just be another Saturday run, just pushing myself a little farther. I can do it!!

8.5 mile run; .7 mile walk; RPE - 3

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