Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Resistence is [not] futile

Maybe the Borg say it is, but resistence is necessary in marathon training. I know I have hills coming. I know I have wind coming. I know I have the biggest challenge of my life so far. "Sometimes the moments that challenges us the most define us." Anyway, there were tornado watches out, strong winds and I only had 3 miles to do tonight. I ran the hill on the way to Ellsworth. Once I got to the other side I turned around and came back up the hill. There were like up to 20mph winds tonight and I kept waiting for the rain and hail to come. It didn't come until the last block of my cool-down.

I guess this could be called my reecovery run for the week. My legs hurt and my knee was really achy at the beginning, but I pushed through it. I would love to feel like this at mile 20. If I do, I will have a great! marathon. Part of me wishes vardotrichic would have given a more convincing argument for not do it, but darn I signed up before she did. lol I am so ready for this!

Last weekend I drove the route and saw there were a number of hills. The last 10-12 miles is a slow uphill climb most of the way. It's mostly rolling hills like around here though so I'm keeping positive.

3.5 mile run; .2 mile walk; RPE - 4

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