Monday, June 28, 2010

Family time

Tonight I ran with Rachael and Bill. That was really nice. I was impressed how far Rachael went! She was using quite a lot of extra energy, but she'll get it figured out and get a nice flowing run to her. She went the first 2.8 miles with us. She really really wanted to go farther, but had never run more than about 1.5 miles so I didn't want her to push it too much. Bill went another 1/2 mile and I finished a total of 5 miles.

It was an awesome run! It was soooo nice to have Bill and Rachael there. The last two miles just flew by by myself. I felt really strong and didn't really hurt or ache anywhere. When I got home I iced my knees hoping they wouldn't be achy later.

I really tried to run on my toes or ball of my foot again. There were a few times I was mentally drifting and realized I was still not running on my heels. YEAH! An old dog can be taught new tricks. I just hope I can maintain this because I think this is what I need to be doing.

The last thing is I need to start doing some cross training and some do some strength training as suggested by vardotrichic. My hamstrings and calves will benefit from some glute strengthening so I will try that first. I am quite saggy in the backside.

5 mile run; .25 mile walk; RPE - 3

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  1. Yes, it was a good run. I'm impressed with how far Rachael went last night, for as little training as she has done. I think she'll do fine in cross country this fall.

    Before this run, my longest one had been just over two miles. So, 3.25 was about a 50% increase for me. It makes a big difference to have someone to run with. The funny thing is, this was the first time I've gone far enough to give my legs an actual workout. My calves started to feel it first, followed by my lower thighs in the front, just above my knees. But, it must not have been too much strain, because they feel ok today.

    Side and upper body pain usually tell me it's time to quit. But, I didn't have much trouble with that last night. I did change a couple things that I think made a big difference. I consciously tried to land flatter on my feet rather than on the heel. And, I kept my arms relaxed. I'm crediting those things for not having the back and shoulder blade pain that I usually get. So, I think I'm starting to find a running style that works for me. It was nice to be out with you.