Friday, July 2, 2010

This one's for Claire

Claire has been quite sick this week so we took her to the dr and happened to find a cyst on her femur. A typical fall could break her leg. That was all I could think about tonight on my run. I ran because she can't. :( When I got tired, I thought about what she can't do now. We'll take her to Iowa City on Tues. I prayed during the run. I wanted to do a rosary, but lost count so just said a bunch of Our Fathers and Hail Marys.

The first 3 miles I ran with Rachael. She was hurting real bad tonight, but didn't want to give up. She is very determined!! We were coming up on a turn around point so I made her walk a bit and then picked her up on the way back. I think she felt so devastated that she walked so we talked about how that was fine and the important thing is that she finish the race. I felt like I was reliving my early days of running. It's kinda fun to mentor her. After I got home, she really thanked me for encouraging her. Glad to know it helped. I don't want her to get frustrated.

I finished another 7 miles. It was hard, but it's done. I felt like my breathing a heart are strong, but my muscles are still recouping and retraining. I realized it was almost 11:00 at night so I thought I better quit.
The toe/midfoot strike is getting better. I felt like I was regressing a bit tonight, but overall it was good. I got really tired, but I think I am just overall fatigued and not functioning at top level. I am stressed and concerned for Claire. :( I've only been getting like 4-5 hrs sleep/night at best this week.

I'll wait for the outcome of Claire's next appt to decide if I do the Des Moines Marathon or not. Even if I don't do it, I'll still train and run, just for the exercise. I lost what I gained from my rest and am starting to feel better again. It's great to be back running.

10-mile run; .3 mile walk; RPE - 4

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