Monday, July 12, 2010


4:15 the alarm goes off. I think about the new energy I got with an offer to run this morning with someone new. They aren't exactly early risers so I told them I would call them on my way back into town and we'd meet up and run together. We ran about a mile and stopped to walk. That was fine. I kept going and caught up to them later in town.

It was a GREAT run! I felt so good; I wanted to keep going. Boy did I need that! That last run was so devastating! So much so that I wanted to hang up my shoes and quit all together. I have been so down. It was great to have a good run. My legs were strong, I was well-hydrated, I was carb-loaded, I wasn't terribly winded. I was mentally strong. It was just a great run all around. Miles were flying by. I am also getting better about not heel striking. This has been the longest run since the marathon last month.

I have really been wanting someone to consistently run with me. J has been so busy lately that we haven't been able to run. I don't know if she is coincidentally busy or consciously busy. Either way, it's nice to have someone to run with and I haven't had that in about a month so I need to find someone.

12.6 mile run; .1 mile walk; RPE - 3

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