Saturday, July 17, 2010

New discovery

Ok, I don't know if this is really a new discovery or not, but I realized that the humidity affects me more than I thought. I had another bad run this morning so I started reflecting on why I am having these bad runs and looked back to my bad runs this past spring. The one common denominator is humidity! I think it is just worse during the summer because it is paired with heat.

I was going to get up at like 5ish this morning and go out and do a long run, but didn't wake up until 6:30. I should have known I was off to a bad start. Again, like last week, I wasn't physically tired; my legs really felt good. I was just totally exhausted. I think I was a little dehydrated as well, but totally dripping with sweat and couldn't go anymore. I made it like 6 miles, but walked. This is the defeating part of it. I just hope when it starts to cool down again that the runs get better.

6 miles; RPE - 5

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