Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fog fog fog

I was going to wake up at 5 and go out and run, but I was just too tired after this long week. I kept telling myself to get up, but my body wouldn't do it. About 6:20 I finally rolled out of bed. Rachael wanted to run with me so I woke her up when I left and told her to meet me at the cemetery. I left and did the south dog loop and then back into town and picked up Rachael.

Overall it was a good run, but I felt really tired through most of it. By the time I got back into town I started to perk up and got a second wind. I was even singing along with the ipod to Rachael; I think she likes that. I thought I was going really slow, but finished in about a 9.30 pace. I think it was a good thing I was slow getting out of bed this morning. It was really foggy out there. Running along the highway would not have been a good thing in all this fog. People are stupid out on the road! It lifted a little in the extra hour and a half I stayed in bed, but it was horrifically humid and wet out there. I was literally dripping when I was done.

I think stress and fatigue of this week are taking a toll on my body. I am eating when I should be sleeping, not running efficiently like I normally do, sleeping more than usual, etc. I am getting the flab back. The scale isn't killing me, but I feel like I'm physically falling apart. This is what got me out of bed this morning. Running is a great stress reliever and I always feel better after a run.

6.5 mile run; .2 mile walk; RPE - 4

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