Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well, I broke down and got a family membership at an indoor pool and rec facility. This way the whole family can enjoy the pool, weights, gym, and other opportunities all year. I figured even after I can start running again I probably won't be running far so this will be a good opportunity to cross train and also keep up the endurance and muscle tone.

Rachael went with me today so I had a companion. I walked for 40-45 minutes and swam for 15-20 min. I completed an hour in all. There were some other little girls in the pool, but it was mostly empty. Ironically, there were two lifeguards this time. Not sure if it was because there were younger kids there or why they had two of them. They also had two ropes across the pool so I couldn't swim the entire length of the pool. I was really hoping to get some long laps in again today. I wonder if it was the timing in it all.

While swimming today I realized a few things. I really need to count laps rather than look at the block. I push myself harder with the laps rather than the clock. No matter how many laps I put in I will still be in the water the same amount of time. Next time I will count laps. Also when I was actually doing the long laps I tried to do the breast stroke again, but became quite frustrated with not being able to do the breathing so I tried to do it with my head above water. I'm sure I looked pretty silly, but I was able to swim much farther that way. I think I'm afraid I will swallow water or something. Also it doesn't seem to be as efficient pulling my arms down through the water as it is pulling the around and to the side of my body. Seems like I gain more yardage that way.

40 min walking; 20 min laps

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alternative running

It has been 9 weeks, exactly, that I have run. The hills combined with a change in running form without backing off on mileage gave me a stress fracture. It has been so hard to not run, but I'm following orders to get back on the road. I was in a boot for about 4 weeks and will be not running for at least the next 3 months.

I feel like I have been gaining weight, losing muscle, and overall getting back into a depression like I was last year, before I started running. Last Sunday was the Des Moines Marathon. I felt so down all day. All I could think about was I should have been running that marathon! My biological issue has also arisen again. This was perhaps the biggest push to get me to take action.

Tonight I went to an indoor pool to try to keep myself in shape. I knew I wouldn't be able to do as many miles as I would when I was out pounding the pavement, but I was hoping to at least get in one mile. I also wasn't sure how much I would be able to take of the water running. The pool was completely empty! I was the only one there. That was good. As I entered the pool a lifeguard climbed into the chair. I knew it would be either 10 min or an hour. In the back of my mind I wanted to reach a goal of at least 30 min in the water.

I quickly realized that I couldn't actually run in the water. At best I had to do a fast walk. The resistance was much more than I was anticipating. I walked as fast as I could for about 40 min, doing 32 down and back laps. It was actually 64 - 1/2 laps so I figured 32 full laps, right? Once the water reached my chest, it was too much to move so I stayed in the shallow end. I then swam another 8 full down and back laps. I had to do a lot of resting for the swimming part. I started off doing the breast stroke, but made it only about 1/2 way down. :( I just can't do that one. So, I did about everything else during those laps. Seriously, I need some major lessons in how to do that!! I just hold my breath the whole time. I think I'm afraid I will swallow water or something. I can exhale, but inhale is out of the question. So, vardotrichic, my question for you is how far is this really? Did I get at least a mile? I can't remember our conversation.

Anyway, when I got out of the pool and left the building I felt so awesome! It was that euphoric feeling that even though it was a ton of work and I was really tired and sweaty in there, it felt great. I want to do it again! It is certainly not my first choice of exercise, but it definitely felt great to be doing something again. We'll see how jello-y my legs are the next couple of days.

Next time I think I need to just walk about X min and then swim a few laps. I was trying to figure out how far I could go in X min however. I was also very consciously stepping on my toes and pushing off with them.

40 min walk; 20 min swim