Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look to the Future

The recovery run went really really well. Bill actually ran with me the whole way last night. We did 2 miles. I was going to do 3, but enjoyed his company so much I just ran with him. I think I could turn him into a marathoner too! Shhh, don't tell him. I think he secretly enjoys it, but won't say.

The back of my left knee and my right foot & lower leg muscles have been quite achy. I don't know if I'm not totally recovered or what. My foot was really hurting on the run, though. I hope I haven't injured it. I think my achy knee will go away, though. I haven't iced anything yet so maybe I should do that. My sunburn is starting to peel so that is getting better, too. I will be running in a T-shirt (rather than a sleeveless shirt) for awhile yet.

The day before the race I thought about doing Okoboji and Des Moines. Then I would go from not being able to run 3 miles to running 3 marathons in one year! Wow, wouldn't that be cool! I'm' still pretty excited about having run one so if I never do any more running that would be an achievement. I have until July 4 for Okoboji registration and July 18 for Des Moines registration, at least before the price increases.

2 mile run; .2 mile walk' RPE - 3

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