Thursday, June 3, 2010

Keep me humble

Conditions are similar to what they will be like Saturday for D2D so I headed south for a 5-mile run today. I got to the lake and came back and through town some more. I was contemplating my "recovery runs" and why they suck so much. I just dread doing that first run. I am convinced this run is what keeps me grounded and humble. I only hope that that is how I feel at mile 20. I know I will hurt and want to quit like all those awful recovery runs, but if it isn't any worse than that, it will be a successful run. I've started having doubts again lately so I need to keep positive.

I got into my flow almost right away on my run tonight. When I am in "flow" I totally lose sight of running. I don't feel anything. I just keep going. Lately I have been thinking about the marathon and what that will be like. It has pretty much consumed my thoughts that I am really not even thinking about D2D. This will just be another Sat run.

My legs and knees have been bothering me a bit lately so I did a lot of stretching tonight and have been trying to stretch more between runs, in the morning and evening. This helped with the run tonight I think. I need to keep doing that! Hindsight I haven't eaten many carbs this week so I will really step this up, too. It has been such a crazy week with the end of the school year that I haven't had time to even sleep! I hit the wall at the end of Drake and don't want to do that again! If I totally empty my tank Sat I don't know if I will be able to replenish it by the marathon. Anxiety is mounting....

Vardotrichic gave the name & number of a friend of hers that is wanting to run M2M. I called her tonight and left a message. Hopefully she doesn't think I'm some weirdo or something. That would be so nice to have someone to run with, keep me paced appropriately, and keep me company.

4.88 mile run; .1 mile walk; RPE - 3

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