Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3R run

I actually ran last night, but finally got to bed at just after midnight so didn't take the time to blog until today. The 3 Rs: reflective recovery run.

My goal was 5 miles when I started out, but like every first run after a long run I dogged it. This was not dogging it like I usually do, though because I felt really strong, like I had the energy to keep going. At the same time I was totally exhausted. Am I crazy for wanting to do a marathon after D2D? Maybe trivardochic should be talking me out of this a little more strongly. I have great apprehension about this, but yet am confident I can do it. I have one more week to register. Will it be yucky weather? Lots of hills? high winds? no spectators? Will I hit the wall like at Drake? Will I buen up all my carbs at D2D the week before? OK, so all this was running through my head as I ran last night.

I had about half the run on crappy roads. This didn't help either. I was on gravel/limestone for awhile. That didn't feel good. I don't know how people run through walking paths that aren't paved. OK, well I got that run out of the way. I think I did about 3-3.5 miles. It wasn't my goal, but it's over.

3 mile run; .25 mile walk; RPE - 3

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