Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

I wanted a run with wind and hills tonight so I went to Ellsworth. I got wind and hills. I think the winds were like around 15 mph and there was a one big hill and a couple gradual hills. That was just what I needed. It was great. I had about 6 miles of this. When I got back into town I saw a big uphill so I continued to the top of that. Just before I got to the top, I saw J running! I got to the corner and yelled to her. She turned around and ran the last couple miles with me.

Just as I was getting back into town, I was going over some gravel on the highway and a rock got in my shoe. Yes, "I got a rock!" just like Charlie Brown during trick-or-treating.

About 1/2 block after J and I met up again, a boy ran up to us and ran for a few blocks. He was "dared" to come run with us. Oh great! He asked how far we were going to run. We said a couple more miles. He was surprised and asked for long we had been running. We said, "oh, about 6." "About 6 what?" Seemed like a no-brainer to us, "miles", we responded. He was shocked! J asked him what he had been doing the past hour. He said "eating". haha.

OK, excitement is mounting... I think I need to just get myself registered for Marathon to Marathon. I'll probably do it anyway. I sooooo love to run with J! Just as I was getting ready to quit and saw her I got lots of energy again and the last 2 miles went by sooo quickly. It only seemed like 1/2 mile. Can I really do a marathon. OKOK YES! I CAN. I AM a marathoner. I know I'm getting stronger, my muscles are getting stronger, my heart is getting stronger, my lungs are getting stronger. I am well-prepared for this. My biggest concern now is the weather and hitting the wall. That is so not fun.

8 mile run; .25 walk; RPE - 3

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