Monday, May 10, 2010


My goal was 8 miles. and. I did eight miles! I am sooo excited. My body wanted to stop at around mile 2.5, but shut it off and kept going. I had to watch 3 shows to get that far, but I made it 1/3 marathon. I got home to 25+mph winds so decided that would just be too much. There were wind advisories telling me to just go to the basement and get on the treadmill. I listened. Could I have gone farther? If I had to, but that was my goal so I stopped. I feel strong enough to do like 12 miles on Saturday.

I heard at lunch today that they were going to close the bridge for construction just north of the golf course entrance. DANG! That means the Ethanol Loop is out of the question for running. UGH. That is the base for our routes. OK, so I drove out to the golf course today and it is indeed closed. grrr. Guess I'll have to run 4 miles, turn around and go back the other way. That will give us 8 mile trip rather than 5 miles.

Great run tonight nonetheless. I felt great and I will keep the shoes. My knees are a bit achy, but my leg feels greeeeaaaat. So, third time's a charm. I think I finally found the right shoe. Still rolling and stretching.

8 mile run; .5 mile walk; RPE - 3
T minus 3 weeks to D2D

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