Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A cleansing rain

There were storms in the forecast all day and I've been putting off this first "recovery run" long enough. I really wanted to do 5 miles, but thought I would push to get a minimum 2-3 miles in. I've been eating like crazy hoping that would help my run. Well! This was perhaps the best recovery run I've ever had! I am mentally preparing myself for the marathon. It has been in the 90s the past couple days with high humidity. I figured it may very well be like this on race day when I'm all by myself so I might as well just go out and get it over with!

The threatening storm didn't seem to bother me either. I was going to run the "dog" run to the south because there were southern winds tonight and I could have the wind at my back on the way home. However, with the impending rain I didn't want to be on the highway so I just stayed in town. I didn't have a route mapped out, but had a good idea about how far I was going based on some previous runs. I came pretty close - 4.77 miles. I felt good at the end of the run, like I could have gone another 10+ miles. "I am a machine. This is what I've been training for. I am strong. I am a marathoner. I am a machine!"

Eventually the rains came and it was very cool and refreshing. I had my hat on so it blocked the rain from my eyes. It really felt great. I could run 26 miles in that kind of rain. On the other hand, I don't think a rain run will be good for my ipod. :( So, I have to pray it doesn't rain on race day.

Because of all the heat and humidity, I have been very conscious about drinking more during the day to keep hydrated throughout the week. Unformtuately a side effect to this is it is cleaning out my body and it needs to get rid of it all! About a mile into the run I had to pee soooooo badly. I just kept going. I seriously contemplated going back to the house to pee and then continue on. No, it's only a few miles tonight. There won't be portapotties along the marathon route. Suck it up and keep running!

I got 2 boxes of gels for the upcoming races. I really really really find them totally disgusting, but it's what I have to do so I got some. I am not totally disgusted by the vanilla and strawberry/banana so I got those two flavors. I think this is one of those things like drinking during a run. I just have to do it a lot to get used to it. I just feel like I am eating a gallon of that icing you put between graham crackers. It's just a thick goo that doesn't sit well in my stomache. yuck. I tell myself good things as I'm eating them, though. That's how I choked them down.

4.77 mil run; 5 min walk; RPE - 3

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