Saturday, December 19, 2009

3.5 miles this morning

Thursday was a day of rest. Last night Santa wrapped presents until 12:30. I wasn't about to run after that since I had to be in Ames at 9 AM. I got up and ran at 7 and then left. I actually felt good at 3 mi that I went another 1/2 mile. So, I completed 4.1 miles, nearly 700 calories, 210 fat calories, and found a new show to watch. I think I ran a lot more without the handles as well. I am also starting to see some physical improvements. It's only scratching the surface, but it's a start. That's keeping me going right now.

My goal was to run again tonight, but the lack of sleep is catching up to me; I can't keep my eyes open. I'll just have to count the last two days as days of rest and keep going. Busy week ahead again so hopefully I won't fall too far behind. At least 30 min 3 days a week, right? What are some good after-run stretches?

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