Friday, August 6, 2010


After a 2-week hiatus due to vacation, I am back pounding the pavement this morning. J emailed wanting to run 6-9 miles this morning. I really wanted at least 10 so I did a couple before I met up with her and then 7 with her and then met Rachael for the last 3 for a total of 12 miles. The low last night was 61 so it was nice and cool compared the past few weeks. the humidity was only in the 70s% so it was a beautiful morning!

After the run, my hip started bothering me again. I think it's my ITBand acting up again. I haven't really been doing my exercises and stretching so I'm sure that is why I'm having problems again. I still need to get started with the glutercises, too.

I feel like I am just randomly running, which in the big picture I guess is ok. However today I thought I should try to work toward a 30-mile week. I'd do some shorter runs and then finish off what's left on Sat mornings. That way I could do a few shorter runs or just a couple l ong runs. As long as I get 30 in, I've reached a goal. We'll see how that goes.

12 mile run; .1 mile walk; RPE - 4

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