Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 steps forward; 1 back

ARGH!!! OK, I'm down 10 miles on my schedule this week so I knew I had to run today. Since my shortest runs are now 5 miles my goal was do at least 5 today. All day I was thinking I would run to Ellsworth and back (8 miles), but after school things got rather crazy. It was 6:00 and there was no plan for supper yet. Bill is frustrated that I don't eat with the family much anymore so I decided to throw left overs on the table and eat with my family tonight. That meant I had to wait at least an hour or two or I would get sick. I finally got to running at 8:30.

It was so dark that I just reverted to the basement again. This is becoming my safety net because of my blisters. If they get bad, I can just stop. If I'm out in the middle of nowhere, 6 miles from home, it's a little more difficult. Well, tonight I got myself a fresh blister. The ginormous big toe blister is becoming tolerable so I just put a couple bandaids on that one and went running. I should have bandaged the index toe right beside it though. Dang. I could feel it at about mile 1.6; I knew I was in trouble. I just kept thinking, "at least I'm not doing another 14.4 miles!" It was a tough run tonight. I didn't get much out of my show because I could feel the blister getting bigger and deeper. Dang!

I was a little more conscious of my feet tonight. I can't watch them for reason though, not sure why. ??? But I was thinking of how my toes are situated in the shoes at each step. I tried to run "normal". I tried to run with my toes scrunched up, all together. I tried to run with them fanned out like webbed duck feet. I tried to curl them. I tried everything. After all this, I think my normal run is making them slightly curled, but only on the left side. This may be why the tip is getting blistered. However, the blister seems to appear more on the top edge of the toe, right above the toenail.

5 mi run; .5 mi walk; RPE - 3.5

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