Monday, April 12, 2010

a short recovery run

14 mph winds again today. I was going to run around the south loop, but wanted to avoid the winds. I really only ran about 4 miles. Again, the recovery run was tough. I was going to run in the winds no matter what! "It just doesn't matter".

I mixed up some Gatorade and took off. I first headed west with the wind about 1.5 miles and then back into town. That was a tough one, but good resistence training for me. I figured over 20mph run considering the headwind and the 6mph average I usually run.

Got myself signed up for the Drake 1/2 marathon. I have 2.5 hrs to complete it and get a medal. I know I can do that. I am so excited!! Looking forward to it in a couple weeks. I am scheduled to run 18 miles that weekend so I will keep thinking 18, but finish a little early.

4 mi run; .25 mi walk; RPE - 4

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