Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tonight my goal was 30 minutes. While again, I fell short of this goal, I did increase my distance/time 25% so I still feel it was success. I am still have such stabbing, shooting pain in my hip and leg. I think my strong leg is compensating and I will start to feel pain in the good one now too. I'm wondering where that line is between when I just suck it up and keep running and when it is becoming an injury that I need to take care of.

Good thing: I feel very strong ~ strong lungs, strong heart, strong muscles, I truly feel prepared physically and mentally. My only problem is that !@#$%^ IT band. I have even been doing positive self talk during the day, "You're strong, just walk it off, it will get better." Nope. This is what bothers me. I stretch more now than ever before.

J says I just need RICE:

I must admit I've only been getting an average of like 4 hrs sleep this week per night. That's been rough! If I were well-rested I'm sure I would do much better. I feel like I'm running like I was at the very beginnning. I've lost everything I've gained the past couple months. :\

2 mile run; .25 walk; RPE - 4

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