Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm Too Sexy

Bill loaded up my ipod with a playlist that took me all the way through a 16-mi run this morning. At around mile 11 I started feeling crappy, probably looked crappy, and then all of a sudden "I'm Too Sexy" came on the playlist. I laughed and it pushed me through the remaining 5 miles. Great! At about mile 14 I heard, "Everybody Hurts". 2 more miles...

I was a little concerned all week because they were forecasting winds, thunderstorms, all around bad weather for today. I kept looking at the weather. The winds were consistently at 10-14 mph. This morning I woke up at 5 and the predictions showed 5-10 until about 8 this morning. I can do that! It was beautiful weather all week so I was so hoping for shorts today, but the temps stayed in the 30s so I thought better of it. Good thing.

The Battle of the Blisters rages on. I thought I had sufficiently calloused my big toe, but when I got home, took off my shoes, I felt as though I had a 6th toe growing there the blister was so big. I finally popped it because it was really bothering my other toes and red "juice" came spewing out. ugh. It is sooooo painful; just a touch from my other toe is like knife stab. I have a new place for a blister: under my index toe. It is starting to spread to the inner side of my toe. The blister on the tip of my left middle toe is still reappearing also. Any other blister prevention strategies? Given all this, the shoes are MUCH better than the old ones. Perhaps a wide would have been better? Maybe I just have fat toes and that's not good running toes.

All in all, it was a good run. I felt slower than usual, but I finished having run all the way. That's my goal: finish. Ironically I didn't do a lot of mental preparation this week. If anything, it was a negative mental week this week as I wasn't expecting to be running today. With Easter tomorrow I thought maybe I wouldn't get this big run in this week. J only had 14 miles so I ran 2 before meeting her. That is probably best as I tend to dart out of the start box. It takes a few miles to get in the groove. Seems like running is always in the back of mind, thinking about the big run of the week. Not this week. I just got up and started running. Got through the difficult parts and stopped when it was over. Guess that's a good thing; maybe it's becoming "normal". However, just like childbirth, it's the after affects that are gettting me! I will birth a hundred kids, but the recovery sticks around for weeks.

16 mi run; .5 mi walk; RPE - 4

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