Thursday, April 15, 2010

Injinji & ITBS

When I got home tonight there was a package at the back door. Bill had ordered some Injinji running socks for me to avoid blisters. They are toe socks so i was completely unimpressed. He talked them up as if they were miracle socks for running. "Hope they do my dishes too!" is what I was really thinking. The package claims to "properly align toes for better posture, gripping and balance ... increased dexterity and tactile sensitivity ... strengthens the muscles in foot and leg ... " Yeahhh, right.

OK, so I ran and at minimum my blisters weren't any worse. I had to wear them around the house to get used to someting between my toes. When I first put on my shoes, it felt as if I had so much more room in my shoes. I was expecting the exact opposite. I did some stretching and went downstairs because the weather was bad outside. I have developed some pretty good callouses on my toes so that is good.

My hip has been bothering me since my last big run. J mentioned that it might be my IT Band and I should look for some ITBS testing, uh I mean ITBStretches. While I don't think they are doing much for me, I was at least able to walk today. I ran a good run tonight. I thought if the socks are too weird, my leg hurts too much, or something else comes up, I will only do 4-5 miles, but I got all 8 done tonight. That was a good accomplihsment.

I got signed up for my first 1/2 marathon! It was a whim really. J was telling me about the Drake Half and how the deadline was this week. I went home, did some internet browsing, and wha-la! The date was actually cleared on my calendar so it was meant to be. It's fun to think that I will be "only" running 13 miles that day.

Run 8 miles; walk .5 miles; RPE - 3.5

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