Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sick day run

Well, Claire woke up with a temp this morning and Matt was "barking" so I stayed home. This gave me great time to catch up on some running. Because of the run this coming weekend, I decided to back off on the running this week to let my muscles rest. Right before lunch I went to the treadmill.

J and I have been chatting about my ITBS problem. She suggested some treadmill time rather than street time, and ice. Yesterday I used a lot of ice. That was GREAT! I'll have to sleep on a bed of ice Friday night. haha. Starting the run is always the worst. I wanted to get that recovery run done and over with today. It's always a bad one. I am rubbing my legs and doing extra stretching the past few days, hoping that will help also. Right now I am mentally preparing for vicious wind, rain, hills miles 3-6 and 8-10. I can do it! I'm telling myself rain is good. The hills aren't so bad...at least I'm not in the mountains.

This run is over so I can put in one more run to keep me loosened up and ready for Saturday.

3 mi run; .25 mi walk; RPE - 3; muscles - YAOW!

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