Saturday, April 10, 2010

I will NOT get blisters

Ok, I've had it with blisters! I woke up this morning, got out the band-aids and wrapped up my toes. 6 bandaids and 16 miles later it worked! YEAH! I also used my new Body Glide and didn't get the chaffing and cuts like I usually do. These two things alone made it a very successful run. SOOOooo excited!

We ran out to the blacktop that turns to Kamrar today. J had never been that far out that directions and it was another one of my fears...can I really go that far? I had to do it. We "found" a dog who had a vicious bark. Fortunately, a car came slowly so he went after that and left us alone. We also saw/heard tons of other dogs this morning.

It was a beautiful morning for a run. I stepped outside and it was so incredibly clear. I don't think I've ever seen so many stars from in town. I love running when the sun is coming up. We had to start at like 4:45 this morning because of my hectic schedule, but it was so nice to see the sunrise. That is perhaps my favorite part of outside morning running.

Overall, it was a relatively hard run. I really felt like I was working hard most of the way. There was one time I was a little concerned about my breathing; it was like I couldn't catch my breath, almost hyperventilating. I almost stopped, but got control of myself. It was kinda scarry, but I think I have a better appreciation for what asthma people feel like.

16 mile run; .4 mile walk; RPE-4.5

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