Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post race recovery

Well, I read the last chapter of The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer when I got home. It suggested I take it easy after my [half]marathon. So, given my blistered toes and aching knee, hip, IT band, I decided I would run only 20 min at a slower pace. Wasn't sure I would even get that much, but J said she did 3 miles this morning so I had to at least try. She is still planning on the 18 mile run. The last chapter said to listen to your body and recover as quickly or slowly as necessary. I know I have to get running soon to loosen up my sore muscles and that leg.

I got on the treadmill because I thought if the pain gets too bad I'm not stranded out in the middle of nowhere. I really felt like a limping runner, like I had two artificial legs. I was hanging on to the rails as if I was on ice skates for the first time afraid to let go of the ledge. At first I put most of my weight on my arms. Then, slowly, I let the weight go to my legs and was able to run freely. The pain was nasty! I had to keep going to loosen the muscles though. This was key to repairing any damage. I have been eating protein like crazy trying to help them as well. I made it 15 minutes and just felt like that was enough. I walked the last 5 minutes. It felt like my left leg was compensating too much for the pain of the right and that I would have 2 bum legs rather than just one so I stopped.

Sleep is at a premium lately, too. I feel like I am really getting down in the dumps. It is totally amazing to me that I just ran a half marathon, but at the same time, I've run farther than that. I am not recovering from last Saturday. Can I seriously do a full marathon? Will I really be ready to do Dam to Dam? Maybe I pushed it too much. My lungs and heart felt great, but my legs were working too hard.

15 min run; 5 min walk; RPE - 5

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