Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can I just run please?

I feel like I haven't run for 4 days. Fri AM to Sun PM seems like forever. I guess that means I started a routine. Wanted to let my blister heal a bit before I got back on the treadmill. Technically it was only a day of rest, but it seemed like forever.

I put on some regular shoes yesterday and ouch! that did not feel good. I thought I would be out for a week. I tried on the ye ole clunkers tonight and it wasn't awful so I thought I would at least run a mile no matter what and then walk the last 2 if I had to. The first 1.5 flew by and I was still feeling really good so I set a goal of at least 4 miles. That wasn't bad. I think I would have been hurting to go 6, but I could have made it. That would be about 1/4 marathon. That's exciting. Tomorrow I start back to school so I didn't want to stay up too late. It was a good run.

Bill is even doing a little research on running. We discovered cotton is NOT the fabric of our lives, at least when it comes to running. That may have been one reason I was sweating so badly. I see there are some deals on c9 clothing at Target this week...

770 calories; 240 fat calories; 40 min run; 4miles @ 6 mph; 10 min walk; .7 miles @ 3mph

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  1. Cotton is a runner's NIGHTMARE!! Technical fibers are the way to go!! Definitely invest in some technical materials!! It will definitely be worth it!!