Saturday, January 16, 2010

Change in philosophy

I had no real goal in mind tonight in terms of number of miles or anything. I just wanted to complete the minimum 3 mi/30 min. I got to 2 miles pretty quickly, finished the last mile not too terribly, but didn't want to push it. My body is a little messed up this week for a number of reasons. Stress is settling in and there are more changes coming along.

I talked to J this afternoon and she said that rest is definitely important [for a number of reasons!]. Her research said that for every minute you run you should add on that much sleep. So when you run a hour, you should get an extra hour of sleep! Guess that means I should be running -40 hrs/day. lol This is the final week of the semester so hopefully I will start to get back to "normal" after this next week.

For 40 years I've had "listen to your body" drilled into my head. If your body says stop, you need to stop. Now I have to change all that...don't let the body override the mind. I'm an old dog, and at 40 I'm learning all kinds of new tricks. My biological system is going crazy.

641 calories; 200 fat calories; 4 mi = 3 mi run + 1 mi walk; 50 min

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