Saturday, January 30, 2010

Note to self

A 2-hr nap does not constitute a good night's sleep! ugh.

I knew I would be tired so I ran right after school today. I just wanted a short run so I went 3 miles. No music. No show. Just running.

575 calories 180 fat calories; 3.5 miles total


  1. Let me guess...UUUUUGGGGGLLLLLYYYYYYY run. Sleep is vital to keep yourself healthy and ready to exercise successfully. I have had many of experiences on every level other than successful and am speaking from experience in this regard.

    I have heard they are capping D2D at 8000 runners this year. Sign up as soon as you can, so you are committed :) What fall marathon are you thinking of doing?

  2. Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I just kept telling my mind that I was running 5 miles that day so I had a long way to go. That helped a little. I've had much worse runs, better ones, too, but much worse.

    OK, I better get registered! Are they open yet?
    You are seriously going to run a marathon with me??? Wait for my next post. I start official training on Monday.

  3. I just checked the D2D website and registration is not open yet. I will keep checking and let you know when it opens.

    I AM DEFINITELY SERIOUS!! I will run any marathon you want...the only caveat is not the weekend of Sept 12 or 19. I would strongly recommend a fall marathon as the weather is cooler and we can train through the summer (getting the longer distances in when it is warm makes race day feel like a breeze when it is cooler). Let me know what you decide. I know the Twin Cities Marathon opens this week and it is on Oct 4. Check out possible marathons at

  4. Thanks. I may take you up on this! The first of Oct is the IWLA Conference so that is out.