Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Stop Go Stop

Once again, no motivation to get there, but now that I'm done, I feel better. I really wanted to to do 5 miles today, but my shins started burning. I really don't want shin splints. So, I did 5 miles a little differently... I ran my usual 3 miles, but then walked 1/2 mi. I started feeling a bit better so I ran another mile and then walked the last 1/2 mile for a total of 5 miles, 800+calories; 270+ fat calories. So I ran at least 4 miles today, just not all at once. I still achieved my goal of 30 min run/3 miles so it can still be counted as successful.

I rested yesterday because I was just so down about not having a good run the day before. I thought maybe if I rested that would help my morale. I've been counting how much I've been running because I don't want too many days of rest. That's' just a good excuse [today is a day of rest] for me not to run and I have enough of those on my own. I need more excuses TO run.

OK I'm unofficially holding myself accountable to Dam to Dam. Vardotrichic, I know you want me to make an official written goal, but if something happens and I don't can't do it, I haven't let anyone down. That's my excuse! I beat myself up enough for unsuccesses; this is meant to be a "relaxing", enjoyable, positive health and life change for me.

Bill asked me the other day if I wanted to renew our vows this year. This is not a "milestone" year so it was a little confused, but saw an opportunity in this request. I accepted with the condition that I run a 1/2 marathon. How's that for a goal?! Not necessarily a competition, mind you, but a 1/2 marathon nonetheless. I am hoping D2D will do that, though. I figure if I can run 18 miles, I can do D2D. I have it scheduled in my phone right now. I have until mid May to officially register so I have some time to train for this. I think I can do it.


  1. I am confused...18 miles? What training plan are you on? D2D is only 12.4 miles (just shy of a 1/2 marathon). I think it is a great idea for you to hold yourself accountable to do this race...I will even pay your entry fee (as I won't be able to run it this year :( because I have my 1/2 Ironman the very next day) if it makes you more accountable. Like I said in the last comment posting...MANY factors affect how you feel on a run, so don't beat yourself up over a couple of crappy runs...they happen to EVERYONE!!

  2. Haha. I know this isn't a "real" training program. I know the D2D is about 1/2 marathon. What I'm thinking is...if I can run 18 mi (my real goal), I can do D2D easily. I would do the marathon training schedule, but maybe not do the whole training program. Get to 18 miles and then start over. :)

    Yes, I also know many things affect how I feel on a run. 90% mental! The logic behind all my bad runs I can recite like a kid who crammed for a test the class period before. It's that 90% that gets me. That's why I'm mentally training for 18 miles. If I can easily do 18, then 12 should be an easy run, right? If I only train for 12 then I may mentally break down at 8 and want to quit. If I'm really going to do this I want to be prepared for this and not stop. Unless I'm injured I WILL run the whole thing.

    I also know crappy runs happen to everyone, but I hold myself to a very high standard. Just like I tell my kids, "Suck it up!" Stop whinning about it and just do it! I need to figure this out. I can do this; just have to suck it up and work through the pain and fatigue.