Monday, January 4, 2010


GREAT run tonight. I didn't even have a band-aide on. I think I may be healing. This was the ultimate in multitasking tonight. Just as I started running and watching Bones, my mom IMed me. I was texting, watching a TV show and running. That's how crazy busy I get. I know I didn't have to respond, but it's my mom! She never knew until I was a mile into the run.

It was really my plan to walk at least 3/4 mi, maybe even a mile at the end, but then I saw a tweet that the latest Heroes was on hulu. Gracias Paulino. I just had to quit midwalk. BYE!

760 calories; 235 fat calories; 4 mi @ 6 mph; .67 mi @3mph; 56.35 total minutes

1 comment:

  1. You are doing awesome!! Keep up the good work...add continue to add distance, but vary it up. Don't always run the same distance. Maybe make one run 2 miles, one 3, one 4 and push for 5. Variety will help prevent burn out, prevent injury, and give muscles time to heal more on the shorter runs.