Friday, January 1, 2010

That was GRrrrrrreeeeaaaaAAATT!

I wore my shoes a few times during the day this week and didn't really feel the rub so I thought I would try to run with them today. It was a great run: no tingle on the feet, lots of energy, all around good. Then I got to mile 2.6...the rub was back. I really wanted to go to 4 miles today. The closer I got to 3 miles the more I realized it was not a good idea. I got upstairs, took off the shoes, and a saw a bulging blister the size of a quarter on my outside heel. UGH. I had no idea it was getting that big. Yikes! Bummer. Physically, I really thought I could go 4-5 miles today.

OK, here's my question today: I'm not really seeing the pounds dissappear from the scale, but I feel stronger and can see some physical improvements. So, is there a direct correlation between the pounds gained in muscle and the pounds lost in fat? If so, what is the equation for figuring this? How much am I really losing and gaining? Maybe there are too many variables for this.

574 calories; 179 fat calories; 3 mi @ 6mph; 1/2 mi @ 3 mph; 50 min

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  1. I don't know of any "direct correlation" between muscle gained and fat lost, but when I first started working out, it took me a while to start actually "losing" weight, and even then it was VERY SLOW. I am still not where I would like to be and am continually working to get there...hence the change in diet. I am hoping to continually see pounds drop and the clothes fit even better!!