Thursday, January 7, 2010


I reached a point, after a month now, that I look forward to running; I like it. I am still struggling with the motivation to GET to the starting line however. I also have a milestone of easily running 2 miles. I still sweat like crazy, but I'm not miserable at 2 miles. I am starting to see some pleasant physical changes, too. It gives me motivation to keep going.

I set out today thinking I would run 5 miles. At 4 miles I was not achy so I kept going. I made it to 5! That felt great! It was a really really good run. I am still waiting for my heel to heal up so I still have my old shoes on, but it was a good run. I'll probably do a shorter run tomorrow just to mix it up a bit. This is one reason I can't wait to get outside and be done with this pretraining. The marathon training schedule has different distances everyday. I know I can do different distances now, but I feel dedicated to build up endurance and acquire longer runs.

60 min total; 912 calories, 285 fat calories, 5 mi running @ 6mph; 50 min; .5 mi walking @ 3 mph; 10 min

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I love it when it feels good!! You are a ROCKSTAR!! Keep moving forward :)