Sunday, January 17, 2010

First outside run

Wow, that was great. I can really tell that fatigue/rest affects the run. I can also really tell that I am much farther ahead of myself from last June's 5K. Another bonus: Got to run with Bill. He definitely runs slower than I do, but we stayed together for the first 1.5 miles or so. He walked for about 1/2 mi and I didn't want to leave him so I kind of ran in place to stay with him. He stopped on a pass by the house and I kept going. I really wanted to run at least 20 minutes outside. I later drove the path we took and discovered I ran about 2.5 miles, 30 min. Considering I ran in place for a bit, I felt good about what I did.

Vardotrichic, have you ever used a metronome type of sound to keep your pace? I read somewhere that someone did that and I thought that was a great idea. Each tick was a step. I think that would keep me going at a constant pace.

J said she was going to loan me her marathon book for the "mental game". Can't wait to start reading that. I need that for sure!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! One foot in front of the other!!

    I have not ran with a metronome type device. I have learned that by running how I feel and not by a particular pace I hope to achieve is best. When you need a "recovery" run instead of a "challenging pace" run, your body will be the first to tell you!!

    I also have other marathon/exercise books you may borrow if you are interested when you finish J's book, let me know!!