Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where's the finish line?

Tomorrow night I am going north with the admin to talk to a bunch of administrators and board members. So, I figured tomorrow will be a day of rest and I had to run tonight for sure. I was only going to do the minimum 3 miles. I got to 3 and thought I had only started. I set a new goal of 5 miles. I just kept going! Ok, six is my limit or I may regret it later. Well, that's about 1/4 marathon. I'm halfway through D2D - inside. I even thought it was more of a jog than a real run. Glad to have a great run tonight. I needed that!

J emailed me today and wants to start running. I can't wait to start running outside, and with someone. I need to get in the new shoes, however. My blister is healed so I should probably start working on that again. I told myself I couldn't go outside until I was running in the new shoes!

I was looking at the calendar and if I complete the full marathon training by June 5, I should start around Valentines Day. If I just work toward the 18 mi run, I should start around St Patty's Day. Either plan, these will get me to D2D.

New problem: J asked me to do Grandma's with her this year. I'm scared to death! I declined out of fear. That just seems out of my league right now. I will be excited to do D2D. OK, bring on the guilt Vardotrichic...

Tonight's details: 1081 calories; 338 fat calories; 6, yes SIX miles; 60 min running; .5 miles walking 10 min. Realized my treadmill only goes to 999 on the calorie counter. :) Feels good to have tipped that scale.

Speaking of which, I have been quite frustrated with the scale lately so only had 6ish MMs today and skipped supper. I figure I almost ran off my calories today. Bowl of granola Raisin Bran for breakfast, bag of popcorn for lunch (75 cal), a few MMs, 2 large glasses of grape juice. Yep, I'm covered.

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