Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Goal

My goal tonight was to do 5 miles. I felt so great at 5 that I went another mile. I've never run 6 miles in my life and I felt great doing it! That was a big accomplishment. I'm now officially half way to my goal of a half marathon. That is way cool! A full hour of running. Never before thought possible. Dreaming of Vardotrichic cheering me on at the sidelines and the finishline. You'll be there, right?

I've noticed that after two months of pretraining that my biological issue is starting to remedy itself and I am not craving the chocolate I did before. I know with all the snow days being able to sleep in and get good rest is a great bonus for me. I usually run much better on a good night's rest. This is one thing that concerns me as we get later in the year for school. I won't be able to rest the night before. I feel like my endurance is building.

I wore my shoes successfully again, too. However I don't know if I had them too tight or what was happening, but my feet were going numb. The last mile I also had a weird sensation on my toes. It was like the shoes were conforming to my feet and the feet were really pressing into the shoes. There was a consequential rubbing effect under the toes at the top of the foot - very weird feeling.

My final concern is that of hydration. I made it an hour running, but know I will need to have fluid replacement on longer runs. With about 1/2 mile to go, I had a small drink and a terrible stomach ache began almost immediately. This has been a long-time issue: I can't run with something in my stomach. I'll keep trying, but this could be a problem.

Wow, in the meantime, I am bathing in success of a great run, a new goal.
Treadmill data: 1130 calories, 360 fat calories, 6 mi @6mph for 60 min; 1 mi @3mph for 10 min = 70 total minutes.

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  1. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!! I always remember this..."You can achieve anything you put your mind to." I heard this from my mother MANY times growing up. I don't know who's quote it officially is, but I credit my mother for it. Keep it in your frontal lobe and use it when you have more challenging runs (both physically and mentally)!!

    You will definitely be marathon ready by fall at this point. What marathon do you want to run? I will run with you at your pace and be by your side when you cross that finish line!! I will sign up tomorrow. There is nothing (except maybe child birth, which I have no experience in) that is more rewarding than that finish line after 26.2 miles.

    Congratulations!! You truly are a rockstar!!