Saturday, February 13, 2010

The first Ethanol Loop

I did it! My first official 6 mile run today. J and I ran the Ethanol Loop, came back past the school to the T-intersection and back to her house. It was a good run, a foggy run, but a good run. We looked like old ladies when we were done because there was so much frost on our hair and clothes. It was a brisk 18 degrees when we started and about 22 when we finished. Perfect.

Rounding the corner to come back into town, there was a headwind. We were both surprised as there was no wind (less than 2mph)

Overall it was a good run. It was work at times, but it felt good afterward. Having someone else there kept me going. I layered clothes and was still a bit cool, but sweaty at the same time. I had to shed my skin and bring on the ducks, but I made it. The chill only allowed the skin to fall off through my knees, it wouldn't let go below that. It was like a hard shell that wouldn't crack. I could make it a little softer, but it never completely shed. I had to keep envisioning my finishline and my family.

6 mile run; 1/2 mile walk; accomplishment!; RPE - 4.5



    Overcoming fears is a huge accomplishment!! The fact that you thought 18 degrees was "perfect" makes me smile...I have thought that for years:) It is only perfect when you exercise and are appropriately dressed!! Most people think we are nuts for thinking 18 degrees is perfect!!

    Sorry I have not been monitoring lately...not only have I been very busy with work (I think this may be my last year) and I have been fighting a head/chest cold this week.

    I will try to do a better job of posting and monitoring this week. I have not forgot about you and will keep checking your progress!!

  2. Oh, I'm hosed! I just realized some of my comments didn't get published. Dang! ARGH. The second paragraph is missing like 5 sentences.

    I knew you didn't abandon me. I knew you'd be back. You just can't resist. ;) I do miss your commentary, though. 22 was the perfect part, not the 18 by the way. haha. I was just excited to maintain good posture throughout. 7 miles scheduled this week for the long run. I'll be breaking records from here on out...