Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm late!

Oh such guilt...Thanks vardotrichic for the encouragement. I was supposed to run 3 miles yesterday. I was struggling to keep my eyes open after supper. I decided I would finish my work and run after that. got to be 930, then 1000, then 1030. UGH. What's another 6 hrs? I will have a better run if I sleep and then run at 400 in the AM. I finally drug myself out of bed this morning thanks to a great hubby and ran! I may be 4 hrs late, but I got the run in. I am discovering many things about myself with this training. One of them is I like to pull nearly all-nighters Thurs PM to get things caught for the weekend so the kids have no excuses on Monday and we can get off to a "good" start. Thurs will be my challenge in all this.

3 mile run - 30 min; .25 walk - 5 min; RPE - 3.5

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